As the world grows an ext conscious the the earth’s fragility, Icontinue to it is in amazed in ~ the utter overlook for the environmentthat some wineries have.

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I’m introduce to the weight and thickness of few of the bottlesthat now house some the our most expensive wines.

 I recall the days as soon as a box of wine, comprise 12 party andthe liquid within them, sweet 34 pounds. This meant that bottlesweighed 2 pounds, 13 ounces each. Bottles to be made the a lighterglass; they to be slightly smaller about than the bigger party oftoday, and also they organized up just fine.

A party of a supposedly an excellent Napa valley cabernet sauvignonwas newly released that weighed in at 4 pounds, 2 ounces. Also,I newly saw a Chilean cabernet weighing 4 pounds, 4.5 ounces. Abox of that wine would certainly weigh much more than 51 pounds.

A pallet that wine generally holds 56 situations of wine. Making use of theformer weight, a pallet would weigh 1,904 pounds. A pallet the theChilean alcohol I pointed out would weigh 2,856 pounds. The additional952 pounds per pallet need much much more fuel to transport.

The extr glass supplied is higher than that offered in thelighter-weight bottle and landfill demands for it are greater.(And, no incidentally, the Chilean bottle is so fat about that itdoes not fit in conventional wine racks).

Wine once was a an easy thing. The was called Burgundy or claret(if it was red) and also Chablis or Sauterne if it was white. Burgundycame in a plain, slope-shouldered bottle; so did Chablis. Claretcame in a sharp-shouldered bottle. If that was referred to as a Rhine wine,it remained in a higher bottle dubbed a hock. Every bottles were modest insize and weight.

As the years passed, U.S. Wine devices became more creative. First “fancy” bottles, which came in around the mid-1970s, had apunt — an indentation in the bottom. Nice soon, anyone wasusing punt-bottomed bottles. Together a result, weights walk up.

But that wasn’t enough. Some wineries had actually to do the bottleslook fancier, much the same way perfume machines justify marketing whatis essentially an inexpensive liquid because that a the majority of money.

Traditional wine bottles had actually been around 11 customs tall. By the1980s, bottles started to thrive in height. Today, many cabernets arein 12- and 13-inch bottles. Others room 14 customs high. And also withthis added height yes sir an added weight.

 Not lengthy ago, a leader from Florida said he had uncovered that hisstandard built-in wine rack no longer accommodated plenty of of thebottles he was buying. They room too fat.

This silliness doesn’t impact only cabernet. I’ve seen this withexpensive pinot noirs indigenous California. And also producers of other winesare also jumping on this dumb bandwagon.

Not only is this one inconsiderate move by wineries, yet it canhurt sales. How many retail clerks prefer hauling roughly the heavierboxes? and also a server through a slight develop once called me confidentiallyshe couldn’t to water the new bottles except to patrons “on (my) sideof the table. Ns can’t hold the brand-new bottles as soon as I need to pour onthe other side the the table.”

If the wine industry wants come announce come the customer that itis “going organic” and also being perceptible to the usage of pesticides andother chemicals, then it have the right to make an also stronger “green”statement by convert to lighter-weight party that usage lessglass, price less to manufacture, stack much more efficiently and useless fossil fuel to ship.

 Wine of the Week: 2005 Red van Merlot, California ($12) —Superb, well-off fruit aroma with cherry and blueberry. It has not onlya soft entry, but likewise a great solid structure to occupational nicely withfoods. Aeration helps expand this wine, make it also rounder andmore succulent.

Dan Berger resides in Sonoma County. Berger publishes aweekly news on wine and also can be reached at danberger
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