Definition: A garden (symbol: yd) is a unit of size in both the imperial and also US customary solution of measurement. Due to the fact that 1959, a yard has been characterized as precisely 0.9144 meters. It is also equal to 3 feet, or 36 inches.

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History/origin: The origin of the yard as a unit is unclear. It is one English unit (predecessor of royal units) and also the ax was obtained from "gerd" in Old English, the earliest historical kind of the English language. Some indicate that the yard can have to be derived based on the girth of a person"s waist.

Current use: The garden is frequently used in field-length measurement for specific sports such together American and also Canadian football, and association football (soccer). The garden is additionally used in cricket pitch dimensions, and also sometimes in golf fairway measurements. In the uk (UK) and the joined States, the garden is commonly used when referring come distance. In the UK, that is additionally a legal need that road indicators indicating shorter distances are presented in yards.


Definition: A centimeter (symbol: cm) is a unit of length in the worldwide System of devices (SI), the current kind of the metric system. The is defined as 1/100 meters.

History/origin: A centimeter is based on the SI unit meter, and as the prefix "centi" indicates, is equal to one hundredth the a meter. Metric prefixes variety from components of 10-18 to 1018 based upon a decimal system, v the basic (in this instance the meter) having no prefix and having a aspect of 1. Learning some that the much more commonly supplied metric prefixes, such together kilo-, mega-, giga-, tera-, centi-, milli-, micro-, and also nano-, can be valuable for easily navigating metric units.

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Current use: The centimeter, prefer the meter, is offered in every sorts of applications an international (in countries that have undergone metrication) in instances where a smaller denomination of the meter is required. Height is typically measured in centimeters exterior of countries like the unified States.

Yard to Centimeter counter Table

Yard Centimeter
0.01 yd0.9144 cm
0.1 yd9.144 cm
1 yd91.44 cm
2 yd182.88 cm
3 yd274.32 cm
5 yd457.2 cm
10 yd914.4 cm
20 yd1828.8 cm
50 yd4572 cm
100 yd9144 cm
1000 yd91440 cm

How to convert Yard to Centimeter

1 yd = 91.44 cm1 centimeter = 0.010936133 yd