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fast SHIPPING Orders got by 3pm CST Monday through Friday deserve to ship the exact same day! FedEx station Pick up for her Convenience! choose your ar at checkout!
free SHIPPING top top Live and Boiled Crawfish! Perishable orders end $150. Non-Perishable orders over $75.
choose YOUR DELIVERY day throughout checkout friend can select a specific delivery date! It have the right to be as early as tomorrow if bespeak by 3pm CST or a future date! We sell FedEx delivery Tuesday through Saturday

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Price variety 5-9 lbs10-14 lbs15-19 lbs20-29 lbs30-69 lbs70-79 lbs80-89 lbs90 + lbs500 + lbs1000 + lbs

LIVEGRADED CRAWFISHshipped straight fromOUR FARMto her door!

Includes: Crawfish only. QTY = variety of pounds desired

**We room the Only firm that allows you come order any INCREMENT to satisfy your specific needs!*

Grade Sizes:Field operation 18/22 count/lbSelect 12/17 count/lbJumbo U/12 count/lb

**Live crawfish space perishable and should be cooked the job of delivery**

For useful (and delicious) food preparation instructions,click herePrice consists of Overnight distribution to her Door!During checkout: ChooseStandard Overnightfor distribution by finish of day,Priority Overnightfor shipment by Noon (Some limitations apply), orHold For choose Upto pick up your order at the nearest FedEx or UPS location (most locations easily accessible by 9am)!

*Unfortunately, we are unable to delivery LIVE Crawfish come HAWAII, WASHINGTON, MICHIGAN, ILLINOIS, WISCONSIN, PENNSYLVANIA, MINNESOTA, or OREGON as result of restrictions by the department of organic Resources*

Oregon, friend may attain a permit for Live Crawfish from stack Boatner at (503)947-6300.

How to Prepare Crawfish:Crawfish space PERISHABLE and also should it is in cooked the exact same day received.To care For Live Crawfish: If you are not walk to cook the crawfish immediately, you must do the following! 1. Once you obtain your crawfish take it the sack(s) the end of the box and also hose the entirety sack turn off in your ago yard or in a large sink. Carry out not take it the crawfish out of the sack, leave them in the sack and hose the entire sack v fresh water. Execute not leave the sack submerged in water, together the crawfish are minimal in the sack and also will drown.2. Place the sack(s) earlier into the box & place a bag of ice cream loosely on peak of the crawfish sack(s) and also close the box.3. Leave package in a cool damp area such together your garage/cellar or kitchen. If friend live in one area where the temperature does not exceed 50 degrees then you might leave package outside. However, dampen the crawfish first. Perform not leave the crawfish exterior if the temperature is freeze level or below!HOW TO boil CRAWFISHSTEP 1:Wash crawfish completely with running water, removing any type of that room crushed.STEP 2:Fill a big pot with sufficient water come cover crawfish. Include LA Crawfish Co. Powdered seasoning mix to the water. One lb. That crawfish boil will certainly cook about 15 lbs of crawfish. The powdered premixed seasoning consists of salt, lemon, onion, garlic, and many other spices needed for genuine “Cajun flavor”. Carry water come a rolling boil.STEP 3:Place crawfish in water, cover, return water come a boil, & boil approx. 1- 2 minutes. Turn off fire & permit crawfish soak because that 15-20 minutes depending upon the amount of seasonings desired.STEP 4:Prepare vegetables while crawfish are soaking. The conventional favorites space corn-on-the-cob and also potatoes. Yet we imply you also try mushrooms, carrots, totality onions, whole garlic, and any others of her choice. Boil the vegetables in the water after ~ removing the crawfish, maintaining in mental they will certainly not take lengthy to cook and also they soak increase the flavors quickly. Begin the potatoes very first and add the rather right prior to the potatoes are nearly fork tender.STEP 5:Remove crawfish from water and also place in an ice chest. The box the crawfish are shipped in works great for this purpose! location a 2" class of crawfish climate sprinkle an also layer the LA Crawfish Co. Creole Seasoning & a layer of salt (if desired). Proceed layering crawfish and also seasoning until all crawfish are in the chest.STEP 6:Place the lid strict on the chest and also let the crawfish heavy steam approximately 15 minutes. Meanwhile, boil the vegetables. (Optional)LA Crawfish Co. Creole Seasoning or much more of the Seafood Boil might be sprinkled on top of the crawfish if wanted for spicier Cajun flavor!STEP 7:Help yourself and also enjoy Louisiana’s finest delicacy!!!