Jason Frederick Kidd is an American basketball coach and also former player understand all about him in this post as favor his Family, network Worth , Parents, mam , Children, Education and Biography

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Jason Kidd

NameJason Kidd
Birthdate ( Age)23 in march 1973
BirthplaceSan Francisco, California, united States
Marital StatusMarried
Wife/PartnerPorschla Coleman (m. 2011), Joumana Kidd (m. 1997–2007)
ChildrenCooper ann Kidd, Trey Jason Kidd, Miah Kidd, Jazelle Kidd
ProfessionAmerican skilled basketball coach and former player
ParentsSteve Kidd, ann Kidd
Net Worth$75 Million


Jason Kidd mam Porschla Coleman

Jason Frederick Kidd is an Americanbasketballcoach and former player that is an assistant coach for thel. A.Lakers of the national Basketball association (NBA). Playing allude guardwithin theNBA, Kidd to be a 10-time NBA All-Star, a five-time All-NBAvarsitymember, and a nine-time NBA All-Defensive Team member.

He winner an NBA championship as a member the the Dallas Mavericks and also two-time trophywinnerwithin theOlympics with the U.S. National team in 2000 and also 2008.

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Early Life and also Family

Kidd to be born in mountain Francisco, and also raised in an upperbourgeoisiesection the Oakland. His father, Steve, to be African-American,and his mother, Anne, is Irish-American. As a youth, Kidd was highly scouted for AAU teams and also tourneys, garnering assorted all-star and MVP awards. That attended the east Oakland Youth advance Center and frequentedthe towncourts that Oakland, where he often uncovered himself pitted versus future NBA hall of Famer Gary Payton.

After a highly publicized recruiting process, Kidd shocked countless fans and pundits alike by selecting to to visit the nearby University of California, Berkeley a facultythat to be coming turn off a 10–18 season and had no won a conference title since 1960 overvarietyof top-ranked collegiate programs including the university of Arizona, the university of Kentucky, the college of Kansas, and also Ohio State University.

Jason Kidd Wife

Kidd married his an initial wife, Joumana, in 1997. In January 2001, he was arrested and pleaded guilty come a residential abuse charge for assaulting her. Together a component ofhis plea, Kidd to be ordered to attend anger management classesfor 6months. Kidd perfect the causing obligation counseling and also continued to to visit on his own.

He and also his mam were both active in your church and also were thoughtto possesscompletely reconciled. The incident, however, would be thought about a catalyst because that the Suns to profession Kidd to the Nets the year. On January 9, 2007, Kidd filed for divorce, citing "extreme cruelty" during their relationship.The pair have three children: Trey Jason (T.J.), bornColumbus Day, 1998, and twins Miah and Jazelle, born September 26, 2001.

On September 10, 2011, Kidd married Porschla Coleman, a former model.They have two children.

Jason Kidd net Worth

Jason Frederick Kidd is one American basketballcoach and former player who has actually an estimated Net worth $75 Million in 2021.

Professional Career

Kidd was selected because thesecond pick all at once by the Dallas Mavericks, behind valley Robinson the Purdue, and also justbeforeDuke"s provide Hill.The year before the Mavericks drafted Kidd, they perfect the season v the worst recordwithin theNBA in ~ 13–69. After Kidd"s very first season with the Mavericks, your record enhanced to 36–46 which, at 23 games, wasthe many importantimprovementwithin theNBA.

Kidd to be traded to the Phoenix Suns v Tony Dumas and Loren Meyer because that Michael Finley, A. C. Green, and also Sam Cassell throughout the 1996–97 season.In his first full season with the Suns in 1997–98, the team"s win full improved by 16 games.The Suns, who finished the season v a 56–26 record, had actually been well-known for his or herfast-pacedsort ofplay with Kidd generally leadingalittlelineupof 4guards (Kidd, Kevin Johnson, Rex Chapman and Steve Nash) gift onthe groundatan equivalenttimealong sideAntonio McDyess playing at center.

During his remain in Phoenix, Kidd make the All-Star video game in 1998, 2000, and also 2001 (in 1999 it had actually beennot helddue toa lockout) and also led the NBA in assistsfor 3consecutive years (1999–2001).it had actually beenalso with the Suns that Kidd climbed to the status of the league"s ideal playmaker together he was voted to the All-NBAvarsitythree yearsduring arow (1999–2001). Top top June 28, 2001, after five seasons in Phoenixduring whichthe team make the playoffsannually, he to be traded,along sideChris Dudley, come the new Jersey Nets because that Stephon Marbury, Johnny Newman, and Soumaila Samake.

In the 2007–08 season, Kidd ended up being the 3rd player to urgea triple-double in three right games since 1989. He did therefore after he logged his 97th job triple-doubleduring a115–99 loss come the Charlotte Bobcats.Kidd was voted by the fansto start outwithin the2008 All-Star video game inNew Orleansas a guardalong sideDwyane Wade. Throughout that season Kidd had actually been stated in profession rumors, significantly to thel. A.Lakers, but the deal fell through as soon as the Lakers refusedto offerup their young center Andrew Bynum.

On February 19, 2008, Kidd to be traded come the Mavericks follow me sideAllen and Wright because that Van Horn (viaa symboland profession deal), Harris, Diop, Hassell, Ager, $3 million, and an initial round choose in 2008 and also 2010.On July 12, 2012, Kidd signed v thenyKnicks.After do a linguistic commitment come re-sign through the Mavericks, Kidd changed his mind and also decided to authorize a 3-yearaffectthe Knicks.

Kidd was supposed to act together a mentor come Jeremy Lin however after Lin left to the Houston Rockets, it had actually beenassumed the Kidd wouldfunctiona back-up to Raymond Felton atthe purposeguard position.During the preseason however, the Knicks head coach Mike Woodson decidedto begin outthe season v both playmakerswithin thestarting lineup and Kidd adjusting an ext to the shooting guard role.

Coaching career

On June 12, 2013, Kidd was named head coach that the Brooklyn Nets, instead of interim coach P. J. Carlesimo.He is the personsince the ABA–NBA merger come debut together an NBA head coach the season after he retired as a player.On July 1, 2014, the Milwaukee Bucks secured Kidd"s coaching civil liberties from the Brooklyn Nets in exchangefor 2second-round draft picks in 2015 and also 2019.

The move didn"tcome there is no controversy,because itwas reported the Kidd had been seeking more management strength over the Nets"headBilly King and also after being denied began talks with the Bucksalbeitthey still hada teacherunderacceptLarry Drew.He later stated that that felt the Nets trulydidn"twant him nor were castle committedto placing togethera contender. In his go back to Brooklyn top top November 19, 2014, he to be greeted with heavy boos and jeers.

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On July 31, 2019, Kidd was hired as an assistant coach by the l. A.Lakers.Kidd wouldcontinueto success his 2nd NBA championship when the Lakers defeated the Miami warmth in 6 gameswithin the2020 NBA Finals.it had actually beenhis an initial championship as an assistant coach.