Maurice Young aka cheat Daddy has been fairly a known confront from beforehand 2000’s due to the fact that the relax of his singles; I"m a Thug, and also I"m so Hood. The Miami rapper’s skilled life is additionally an open book, yet that point does not indicate on his exclusive side.
After the failure of multiple relationships, Trick was left with his children and piles of receipt from his babies" mamas. Learn all about the rapper whose partnership with his kids" mother resulted in him taking a toll on his net worth.

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Have kids however what around a wife?

Talking about Trick’s personal life, the artist to be married come a hair stylist named Joy. Back the date and also venue the their marital relationship are not disclosed, the partners reportedly parted their ways in 2014 yet haven"t been legally divorced. Trick and Joy to visit an event earlier while the two were together (Photo: GettyImages) Trick, who appeared in the 2018 season that Love & hip Hop Miami, was required to face his estranged wife in among the episodes. While that was about to go into a club, Trick come face-to-face v Joy. He made every initiative to avoid her, however as it was she birthday, that would have actually been rude to ignore the date of birth girl. Hence, he got involved in a casual conversation so as not to show up arrogant. In the show, Trick even accused delight of leaving him without a precious reason. Delight had earlier mentioned the she wasn"t happy through the connection to i m sorry Trick responded by saying the he had actually bought her everything money might buy.However, currently both Trick and Joy have actually moved top top their and also are ~ above the way to finalize their divorce. His publicly well-known relationship was through Trina after ~ they to be seen together in his song ‘Nann."Trick was also rumored come be date his wife"s cousin Trina back in 2017. The pair an initial appeared in the video clip of Trick"s song, Nann. Later during an interview earlier in in march 2017, Trick revealed the he and also Trina had actually signed a share album title "Trick & Trina," which immediately started their date rumors. Further, trick has also had relationships with eight an ext women and has ten kids from his affairs. His tenth boy was born in December 2017.

Battle with Incurable Disease

Back in 2009, while Trick was on the verge of release his autobiography; the rapper pointed out that he was experiencing from one untreatable disease, Lupus. The autoimmune disease hampers the continual functions of all major organs in the body consisting of the heart, nervous system and kidneys. Talking about his health condition, Trick said in a 2009 interview,“I visited the physician like 12 years ago. He took all minds of tesrs, due to the fact that I to be trying to remove what we call dry skin, she did biopsies and also blood tests. She told me I have Lupus. Ns am allergic highly to the sun, it is my worst enemy. It’s like an AK-47 v a dual clip on it. I can jeopardize kidney and liver fail from the treatment and also the medication.”He further added, “A lot of people try to cover it up with continuous make up. It renders your skin pigmented. You can go from dark come light and not light to dark. You need to cover it up and also conceal it…my mama had 11 children from 10 various men. If she deserve to live v that ns know, I can live through this.”He likewise revealed that he had actually stopped medicines after going through the initial step of treatment as result of all the side-effects the the medicines.Trick finally concerned terms with his sickness and also learned come live v an incurable disease. He suggested that if his mother might suffer giving birth come 11 youngsters from 10 men, he might learn come live through a single disease.

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From collection Of Cars to Bankruptcy

Earlier in his career, the 44-year-old rapper was well known for his grand repertoire of high-end cars. However, together the years passed, he has been experiencing to make his ends meet.In respectable 2015, the Miami native filed because that bankruptcy together he had actually a lot of bills to pay while his bank balance got next come zero. Trick mentioned the although he had actually assets precious of $430k in his name, he remained in a blame of end $645k. His unpaid finances included $34,837 in boy support to among his previous lovers, $22,282 come another, $280k to it is in paid for his an initial mortgage, and $290k come the IRS for ago taxes.Even though he was still able come make about $15,000 per month native royalties and club appearances, as result of all the fan he could spend only $550 every month on jewelry and also clothes. And according to sources, his net worth tends to $100 thousand. As of 2018, he has actually bounced earlier from his struggling days and also currently enjoys a net worth of $100 thousand.