You might be wonder how numerous months the the year only have actually 28 days in them. The price is 1, February however that only uses when it’s not a leap year once February has 29 days.

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Remembering how many days each month has actually is fairly a pain, but there is constantly one month you deserve to remember; February is the just month that has actually only 28 (or 29) days. If we want to get details (and snarky), every 12 months of the year have actually at the very least 28 days. Among the greatest questions is why is February the only month that has actually 28 (or 29) days, and also what is a leap year? To learn all around it examine out this guide.


February is constantly a poor month for TV sports. Soccer is gone, basketball is plodding along in the annual midseason doldrums, and also baseball is not also mentioned. – Hunter S. Thompson

Can friend Guess The number of Months with 28 Days?

In instance you space wondering, right here are the variety of days every month has:

How countless Days Does every Month Have?
February28 (or 29 in a leap year)

Why space There just 28 work In The Month the February?

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As with so many things in our society, the factor February has actually only 28 job is the fault of the old Romans.

Note: A lunar year has actually 355 days (the lunar bike is 29 days long)


The Romans came up through the an initial calendar that culture recognized, and also it had actually a glaring difference from the calendar we understand today; it only had actually 10 months rather of 12. In this calendar the year actually started in March and ended in December, meaning that February and January didn’t exist. Below are the months, your translations, and the number of days each month had:

Romulus Calendar
Month (Latin and also English)TranslationDays
Mensis Martius (March)Month of Mars31
Mensis Aprilis (April)Month the Aphrodite30
Mensis Maius (May)Month the Maia31
Mensis QuintilisFifth Month31
Mensis SextilisSixth Month30
Mensis SeptemberSeventh Month30
Mensis OctoberEighth Month31
Mensis NovemberNinth Month30
Mensis DecemberTenth Month30
Total days Of The Year:274

This calendar to be made by the very very first Roman king Romulus and though the is rather unclear why this calendar didn’t actually complement up come the lunar calendar, the general id is that January and February were no included due to the fact that there were no harvesting crops in those month anyway. Romulus’ successor, Numa Pompilius, amendment the calendar and added January and February in, do it heat up much closer v the lunar calendar.

When King Pompilius included those two extra months he had actually to try to avoid having actually months v an also amount of days. Romans had a pretty serious superstition that even numbers to be unlucky, therefore they typically tried to protect against them. So, in order to actually match up come the lunar year (355 days) one of the 12 months had actually to have an even number of days. February was chosen to have actually 28 days and also was provided as the month the Romans would honor your dead. Numa’s new calendar wound up looking favor this:

Numa’s Calendar
Martius31 Days
Aprilius29 Days
Maius31 Days
Iunius29 Days
Quintilis31 Days
Sextilis39 Days
September29 Days
October31 Days
November29 Days
December29 Days
Ianuarius29 Days
Februarius28 Days
Total Days:355

After a duration of time, it ended up being clear the the calendar to be not staying synced up through the seasons due to the fact that it didn’t actually take right into account the lot of time the planet took to rotate approximately the sun. So, in 45 BC Julius Caesar rental someone to do a calendar that was considerably much more accurate and sun-based. To perform this 10 extra job were included into the year, and an extra work was included into February.

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The Julian calendar had actually a total of 365 days end a period of 12 months. This calendar took impact on January 1st, 45 BC, and also stayed in impact until 1582. Here is the Julian calendar:

The Julian Calendar
MonthDays from roman CalendarDays in Julian Calendar
Ianuarius (January)2931
Februarius (February)2828 (29 on leap years)
Martius (March)3131
Aprilis (April)2930
Maius (May)3131
Iunius (June)2930
Quintilis (July)3131
Sextilis (August)2931
Total Days:355365

Our culture now supplies the Gregorian calendar, named after Pope Gregory XIII. This calendar was introduced in 1582 and accounts because that leap years every 4 years. Follow to the expensive Applications Department, the preeminence for leap years is (can also be found here):

Every year that is specifically divisible by four is a leap year, except for years that are precisely divisible through 100, however these centurial years space leap years if castle are specifically divisible by 400. For example, the years 1700, 1800, and also 1900 are not leap years, yet the year 2000 is. The Gregorian days for Easter are computed from a set of ecclesiastical rules and tables

The Gregorian calendar basically simply shortened under the Julian calendar by 1/4 so the the days inside wall up better with equinoxes. As soon as this was put into effect it to be so drastic the October 4th, 1582 was adhered to by October 15, 1582. If we thought we complained around daylight to save time imagine shedding multiple days of the year randomly. This calendar was originally adopted by european Catholics an initial and eventually, the remainder of the world followed suit.

What is the Gregorian calendar?

The Gregorian calendar is:

The Gregorian Calendar
February28 (or 29 in a leap year)

Facts about The Gregorian Calendar

The major goal of the Gregorian calendar was to adjust the date of EasterNeeded to autumn of the spring equinoxThis calendar is “only” 26 secs off the the solar yearBy 4909 the Gregorian calendar will be a day ahead of the yes, really solar yearBecause the this, we have leap secondsThe Gregorian calendar is just 11 minutes various from the Julian calendarSaudi Arabia switched to the Gregorian calendar in 2016The United says of America adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752 and also ended up losing 11 days as soon as swapping to itThere is no perfect calendar, and also things might change again in ~ some suggest in the future

Facts around February – The just Month through 28 Days

The surname February is roman inn and means “purification”February is the only month that can not have actually a complete moonHoroscopes for February:Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)Pisces (February 19 – in march 20)Groundhog day is in February and also is a Garman superstition