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An MP3 CD is a data CD that deserve to hold hrs of music in the MP3 format. A typical blank compact disc, either recordable or rewritable, has the volume to save up come 700MB of data. An MP3 CD, which deserve to only be review by auto CD players, computer CD drives, or independent peripherals, holds the equivalent of 6 times the music the a traditional audio CD.

Compact discs have steadily decreased in popularity due to the fact that the 2000s, yet they room still helpful in cars v CD players and also for backing up her music library. If your vehicle stereo device doesn"t support contemporary features choose USB ports because that connecting portables or wireless an innovation such as Bluetooth, then utilizing a compact disc have the right to come in handy for listening to music during your commutes.

Creating a data disc that holds MP3 files allows you to ar multiple albums on one disc—perfect for a long journey. This form of bowl is also useful if you desire to listen to audiobooks.

How many Songs have the right to You to the right on a CD?

If girlfriend burn uncompressed songs like those top top a common audio CD, climate you can store around 80 minutes of music on a CD. However, if you use an MP3 CD, you deserve to fit countless albums top top one MP3 data disc, i m sorry delivers hours of music.

Assuming you have actually an median lossy,digital music library that contains songs with a common playing time of 3 to 5 minutes, you can expect come store between 100 and 150 songs every music CD.

Average length of SongsAverage Bitrate — some songs in your music library may be encoded in ~ a high bitrate. This provides the files larger, for this reason they take up more room top top the MP3 CD.

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MP3 CDs do a great Backup equipment

MP3 CDs aren"t just useful for play music in your auto or in ~ home. They space a good solution because that backing up her music library. You"re not restricted to any specific format, therefore you deserve to store a mix the files—MP3, AAC, WMA, and other formats. Your only limit is the disc"s capacity. As time passes, fewer computers are shipping through CD drives. You might need to get a peripheral drive to access the archived music in ~ some suggest in the future.