Nanocoulomb come Coulomb (nC to C) digital converter:

Converter nanocoulomb to coulomb (nC come C) and vice versa.


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Conversion recipe Nanocoulomb, Coulomb (nC, C):

C = 1e-9*CC= nC/1e-9where:nC: Nanocoulomb.C: Coulomb.
nc come c , Nanocoulomb, Coulomb

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Nanocoulomb, nC Definition:

Definition the Nanocoulomb listed by termwiki:A unit of electrical charge, one billionth of a coulomb. A coulomb is the quantity of electrical charge transported by a present of 1 ampere in 1 second.

Coulomb, C Definition:

Definition of Coulomb provided by WikiPedia:The coulomb (unit symbol: C) is the International system of Units (SI) unit of electric charge. The is the fee (symbol: Q or q) transported by a continuous current that one ampere in one second:displaystyle 1~	extC=1~	extAcdot 1~	extsThus, that is additionally the lot of excess charge on a capacitor of one farad charged to a potential distinction of one volt:displaystyle 1~	extC=1~	extFcdot 1~	extV

Conversion chart Nanocoulomb come Coulomb (nC to C):

Nanocoulomb, nCCoulomb, CNanocoulomb, nCCoulomb, C1 nC1,00E-09 C26 nC2,60E-08 C2 nC2,00E-09 C27 nC2,70E-08 C3 nC3,00E-09 C28 nC2,80E-08 C4 nC4,00E-09 C29 nC2,90E-08 C5 nC5,00E-09 C30 nC3,00E-08 C6 nC6,00E-09 C31 nC3,10E-08 C7 nC7,00E-09 C32 nC3,20E-08 C8 nC8,00E-09 C33 nC3,30E-08 C9 nC9,00E-09 C34 nC3,40E-08 C10 nC1,00E-08 C35 nC3,50E-08 C11 nC1,10E-08 C36 nC3,60E-08 C12 nC1,20E-08 C37 nC3,70E-08 C13 nC1,30E-08 C38 nC3,80E-08 C14 nC1,40E-08 C39 nC3,90E-08 C15 nC1,50E-08 C40 nC4,00E-08 C16 nC1,60E-08 C41 nC4,10E-08 C17 nC1,70E-08 C42 nC4,20E-08 C18 nC1,80E-08 C43 nC4,30E-08 C19 nC1,90E-08 C44 nC4,40E-08 C20 nC2,00E-08 C45 nC4,50E-08 C21 nC2,10E-08 C46 nC4,60E-08 C22 nC2,20E-08 C47 nC4,70E-08 C23 nC2,30E-08 C48 nC4,80E-08 C24 nC2,40E-08 C49 nC4,90E-08 C25 nC2,50E-08 C50 nC5,00E-08 C
nC to C Chart

Conversion graph Coulomb to Nanocoulomb (C to nC ):

Coulomb, CNanocoulomb, nCCoulomb, CNanocoulomb, nC1 C1,00E+09 nC26 C2,60E+10 nC2 C2,00E+09 nC27 C2,70E+10 nC3 C3,00E+09 nC28 C2,80E+10 nC4 C4,00E+09 nC29 C2,90E+10 nC5 C5,00E+09 nC30 C3,00E+10 nC6 C6,00E+09 nC31 C3,10E+10 nC7 C7,00E+09 nC32 C3,20E+10 nC8 C8,00E+09 nC33 C3,30E+10 nC9 C9,00E+09 nC34 C3,40E+10 nC10 C1,00E+10 nC35 C3,50E+10 nC11 C1,10E+10 nC36 C3,60E+10 nC12 C1,20E+10 nC37 C3,70E+10 nC13 C1,30E+10 nC38 C3,80E+10 nC14 C1,40E+10 nC39 C3,90E+10 nC15 C1,50E+10 nC40 C4,00E+10 nC16 C1,60E+10 nC41 C4,10E+10 nC17 C1,70E+10 nC42 C4,20E+10 nC18 C1,80E+10 nC43 C4,30E+10 nC19 C1,90E+10 nC44 C4,40E+10 nC20 C2,00E+10 nC45 C4,50E+10 nC21 C2,10E+10 nC46 C4,60E+10 nC22 C2,20E+10 nC47 C4,70E+10 nC23 C2,30E+10 nC48 C4,80E+10 nC24 C2,40E+10 nC49 C4,90E+10 nC25 C2,50E+10 nC50 C5,00E+10 nC
C to nC Chart

nc come c counter table

Charge (nanocoulomb, nc)Charge (coulomb, c)0 nC0 C1 nC10-9 C10 nC10-8 C100 nC10-7 C1000 nC10-6 C10000 nC10-5 C100000 nC10-4 C1000000 nC10-3 C10000000 nC10-2 C100000000 nC10-1 C1000000000 nC1 C
nc to c conversion Table

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