Kickball is similar to baseball and softball in that there are particular player positions for fielders that space recommended, however not enforced. The only forced positions in kickball are the pitcher, catcher, and basemen. It is up to the coach or manager of the team to define how to structure the positions and alignment on the field.

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Kickball Positions

Kickball teams consist of ripe players top top the field during an inning. Part leagues permit up to 12 players on the field at one time during an inning. We will certainly assume your organization is playing through nine fielders in the lineup.

There are nine simple field positions in kickball:

Pitcher (P)Catcher (C)

If her kickball league allows for an ext than nine players on the field, us recommend having actually those players fill in extra gaps in the outfield or between the bases.

Most kickball leagues have a dominion that claims fielders should stand a minimum distance away from the kicker while he is at-bat. This is called proper field position, and also requires every players to be behind a diagonal line developed by very first base and third base. This heat is dubbed the 1st to third diagonal.

The Pitcher


In a kickball game, you"ll always have a pitcher. Pitcher is among the most important positions, because he pitches the sphere to the kicker every play. If you"re play pitcher, make certain you know the win zone and also how to throw various types of pitches. In part situations, you may need come cover an initial base to acquire an out.

The Catcher


If you"re play catcher, you will certainly squat behind home plate and catch pitches thrown through the pitcher. Make sure you don"t interfere with the batter, however be prepared to seize the ball and also throw it come a baseman if a base jogger is steal base!

The Basemen


As a baseman, you need to be all set to apply a force out, by tagging the base. You should additionally be all set to tag the end a base runner if he comes her way. There room three basemen positions you can play:


As an outfielder, you"ll stand in the outfield either in center field, best field, or left field. Your job is simply as important as an infielder. You room the last heat of defense for a hard kicked ball close to the fence. You deserve to play facility fielder, right fielder, or left fielder.

If you space playing through eleven fielders, girlfriend will also have left center and short field. Left facility stands in between the center fielder and also left fielder. The quick field position is located directly behind 2nd base, in the outfield.



Lastly, the shortstop will cover ground balls and also line drives that fly between 2nd base and third base. As a shortstop, you should be prepared to litter to the first baseman and 2nd baseman because that an out.

Most kickball teams should have at least nine players so that every position in the ar is covered. Yet for some leagues, you may have actually twelve or more players.

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The variety of players in the field during kickball varies. Most frequently, teams will either have 9 or 11 players on the field at once. Through 11 players, one extra 2 positions in the outfield are created.

For the many part, kickball and baseball positions are an extremely similar. Because both sporting activities use the very same field, kickball and baseball players stand in the exact same areas and also work come cover the exact same spots top top the field throughout games.

Every kickball position can be difficult! The hardest place varies based on a player"s skills. Someone who can catch the ball an extremely easily would certainly say that play in the outfield is really easy, however it could be extremely difficult for another player. Try out every position and also see i beg your pardon works finest for you!