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Real Madrid players celebrate a score from Vinicius Jr.

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Footage native a 360-degree camera

Because precise the whole world has been able to watch every second of El Clásico through the assist of thirty cameras. This innovative interplay behind the scenes is fascinating in itself. It is not just the teams of the 2 superpowers that room under extra press where this game is concerned. 7 hundred accredited journalists are reporting native the stadium. Everything outside the present is computer-controlled. Technicians in a crate on the roof’s sheet computerize both teams’ set-ups. Camera operators and also photographers install themselves close to the field. Over there is a special team in the stadion basement who modify images native a 360-degree camera. My dutch colleague Sierd de Vos provides one critical preview as a tv commentator. He is likewise tense, I have the right to see that on his face. Nothing have the right to go wrong. About 700,000 pan in The Netherlands clock the Spanish league Championships.

The Spanish organization is doing everything it deserve to to further expand their worldwide market. One of the best watched El Clásico’s ever before was that on December 2017 when it to be played specifically for oriental viewers at 1 pm. Spanish matches can be viewed for free on on facebook in eight countries. Including India – which bought the civil liberties for three years because that €90 million earlier in 2018. This developed a new and amazing market for the sponsors.

A Wuhan Zall player buys a scarf indigenous El Clásico.

Millions of euros in extra income

It seems that the finish of football together a advertisement product is a long method off. For the previous year, all actual Madrid matches have used what is recognized as digital overlay. Through this system, advertisements ~ above the boards together the pitch deserve to be digitally adapted to particular regions. For example, the Europeans, the Asians and the Latin american were each shown various sponsorships ~ above Sunday evening. This have the right to generate 30 come 100 million euros in extr income every year. A staggering amount of money because that the huge numbers of human being citizens that saw real Madrid victory 2-0.

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Above all, because that the players and fans watching El Clásico, everyone wins on the field is tho the most important thing the counts. Brazilian Vinicius Jr. Fulfilled his boyhood dream by putting Real Madrid ahead in the game. Among other things, that did the for the Wuhan Zall team, who have been at training camp because that months and also are unable to return home because of the Corona virus. In ~ the invite of the League, they to be spectators at the Santiago Bernabéu football occasion where just two colors mattered: the white the Madrid and also the Blaugrana of FC Barcelona. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s El Clásico’s greatest victory.