Charles watts answered ~ above Oct 18, 2021

room there curfews in place? room there restrictions to the alley? space there likewise other resident nearby? - bird watching can easily be construed as peeping and therefore not legal. You have to be an ext specific and also if you have been cited or detained for this then contact a criminal regulation attorney... Read an ext »

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Q: ns shot a bird the end of a home window in Oklahoma and also got dubbed in and pulled over

What is the punishment

Charles watts answered ~ above Sep 20, 2021

friend should call a criminal attorney. There space things friend will need to clarify .... Out of a window (car, truck, house, etc...) if a vehicle (moving or stationary) ... What kind of bird (protected or not protected) - etc.... Your inquiry is not specific enough for this form of forum and you... Read an ext »

Q: exterior city limits. Next-door neighbors dogs get in mine trash and also approach me and also bark at me in my yard. What space my rights?

They have 3 greatly pit dogs, one an excellent dane, and also two smaller dogs. All unleashed and unfenced. They additionally go into my garage and also take things.

Charles watt answered ~ above Sep 14, 2021

as a floor owner you have the best to protect yourself on her property, however, the very first thing to execute is call the Sheriffs office in your county and also have them come out. Lock may have the ability to speak with the dog owner and also resolve the instance without any harm come you, the dogs, or the neighbor... Read an ext »

Q: I checked out jail and my emotionally support animal was lost and ended up at the pound and adopted out.How carry out I get him back?

The animal shelter remained in Ardmore, Oklahoma


Anna L self answered on Jul 13, 2021

If he was embraced out i don't think you can gain him back.

Q: What can I legitimate do once some falls short to save their end of an commitment to stud contract?

We had an agreement and also I have retained screenshots of the commitment made threw text and the person had actually 3 puppies total. Commitment was I gain a puppy or the price because that what the puppy sell for. She refuses to provide me a puppy and has sold 2 currently and refuses to give me the money


Jessica Brown answer on might 3, 2021

You deserve to potentially sue she for breaching the agreement. That won't it is in cut and dry due to the fact that it doesn't sound favor there's a signed contract, yet there space some potential theories of recovery easily accessible to girlfriend under what you've described.

Q: How countless dogs you room legally permitted to own in the state that Oklahoma?

my neighbor has 7 dogs and also she pipeline them outside chained to really thin residence made dog residences with no bedding/straw/ etc. This are quick chains they frequently get tangled in. I hardly ever see food and also water because that these dogs. I dubbed the neighborhood sheriff and also was said they can not aid the shelter situation, (we... Read much more »

Charles watts answered ~ above Feb 4, 2021

many of these laws are extended under city municipal codes and also not under state regulation (your regional sheriff is obtrude state law not city codes). The state statute that would be closest come your instance is 21 OS §1685 which claims "... Deprive any such animal of vital food, drink, shelter,... Read more »

Q: mine dog to be left in ~ dog resort the resort lost him and he was hit by car. The insurance money is offering fifty percent bills?

The pets resort shed my dog and also as a an outcome my dog to be hit through a car. This required an age visit and surgery in bespeak to save his life. The clinical visits space not excellent yet but will probably be about 9000. The pet resorts insurance is just offering me 5500, leaving me to salary the remainder of the medical... Read an ext »

Kristina M. Bergsten answered on Nov 23, 2020

girlfriend will most likely need to speak come a local animal attorney to write what’s called a demand letter come ask the boarding basic to reimburse girlfriend for all the bills. You will must gather all her bills and have them sent out to the insurance agency for them come reimburse you for everything. They are... Read more »

Brian Boeheim answer on Jul 29, 2020

A dog is quiet considered an individual property. A sales receipt or registration v your surname on it would certainly go a lengthy was come you being able to display an officer you have possessory interest.

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Q: In Oklahoma regional police took a friend's dog stated he had pay fees and unrelated traffic tickets prior to returning dog
Brian Boeheim answer on Apr 22, 2020

Normally, law enforcement have the right to take possession of a dog if hasn't been inoculated, spayed, or neutered, or if it is "at large", has actually bitten someone, or is reputed dangerous, and yes, at least under Tulsa Municipal Ordinances (Title 2, ar 109), there space reclaiming and also impoundment... Read more »

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Q: have the right to a rustler it is in legally shot by the cattle owner if captured in the plot of thefts the livestock?