In 1963, Peter Sellers played the duty of bumbling detective, Inspector Jacques Clouseau in the movie,The Pink Panther. Sellers’ performance ended up being so popular that a series ofPink Panthersequels, spin-offs and reboots to be produced approximately his character.

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But just how manyPink Pantherfilms space there and also in what order should they be watched? If you space itching to recognize the answers come these concerns then stick v me, thePink Pantherseries is lot bigger than you could think.

In this post, ns am taking a look in ~ the hugely successfulPink Pantherseries to provide the finest viewing order(s). This can get a tiny confusing – that is an extensive collection after every – so you re welcome bear with me as I guide you v it.


The originalPink Pantherseries


As discussed above, the an initial film in the series was 1963’sThe Pink Panther. The movie revolved approximately a jewel thief and the theft of a diamond – the eponymous Pink Panther.

Although not originally intended, the standout star the the movie to be Peter Sellers, who gave a scene-stealing turn as Inspector Clouseau. In fact, the component was therefore popular, Clouseau (once again played by Sellers) ended up being the focus of the following entry in the series – 1964’sA shot in the Dark.


Due come the success ofA shooting in the Dark,a third film to be put right into production, v the titleInspector Clouseau (1968). However, Sellers was not component of this production, and actor Alan Arkin played the title character.

Sellers reverted for the 4th film,The Return of the Pink Panther(1975), and also a fifth and sixth:The Pink Panther Strikes Again(1976) andRevenge that the Pink Panther(1978), respectively. Plans were then put in place for another movie, however, in 1980 Peter Sellers happen away.

So, it is the finish of the series, right?



Despite Sellers’ death, production acquired underway on however anotherPink Panthermovie, as soon as again to attribute Inspector Clouseau – and rather surprisingly, v Sellers in the role! This film was 1982’sTrail of the Pink Panther, i beg your pardon navigated about Sellers’ pass by utilising turned off scenes and old footage from previous movies to incorporate the actor in the movie.


Understandably,Trail that the Pink Pantherwas no well obtained by fans… but that didn’t halt the series. An eighth entry to be released – 1983’sCurse that the Pink Panther– i m sorry veered away from Clouseau by concentrating on a new character called Sergeant Clifton Sleigh (played by Ted Wass).

And then that was it, right?



One more entry to be released in the initial run the films, a sequel/spin-off calledSon of the Pink Panther(1993). This movie centred approximately Gendarme Jacques Gambrelli – the illegitimate son of Inspector Clouseau.

OK, you can take a stop for a minute – together that brings an end to the initial run that films. Yet how execute you watch these movies?

Well, the viewing order is reasonably simple, although there is a slight bump in the road.

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If you want to clock thePink Panthermovies i m sorry either feature or are connected to Peter Sellers’ Inspector Clouseau, climate you have to watch the films in this order:

The Pink Panther(1963)A shoot in the Dark(1964)The Return that the Pink Panther(1975)The Pink Panther Strikes Again(1976)Revenge that the Pink Panther(1978)Trial of the Pink Panther(1982)Curse that the Pink Panther(1983)Son of the Pink Panther(1993)

Now, you’ll note that the over list contains eight movies rather 보다 nine. The movie which is lacking from this list is 1968’sInspector Clouseau, as this is not considered to be part of the series.

So, this entrance belongs in its own list:

Inspector Clouseau(1968)

OK, so the is the original run of films covered, yet these nine movies room not the onlyPink Pantherfilms. It’s currently time because that the reboot!