A serving of potato chips, one ounce. Ns weighed it rather than go v the "about 15 chips" offer size.

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Seventy-five percent (75%) that the suggested serving size.
Twenty-five percent (25%) that a portion size. Every the plates on this page are the exact same size, 7 inches.

Portion reduction because that something favor chips may not seem favor much, however remember, you also reduce sections of the sandwich that goes through it. But if this is the only adjust in your diet girlfriend make, watch what happens...

REGULAR section SIZES1 oz Lays Potato Chips = 150 calories

25% section REDUCTION3/4 oz Lays = 112 calories

CALORIES conserved = 38

Make a similar part reduction everyday and also lose 3.9 pounds in a year through no other diet or practice changes. Doesn"t sound like much does it? but consider the following...

Ever sit down and also eat a large pile the chips? C"mon, anyone has! check out what you could have had for the same calories!

3 section SIZES3 ounces chips = 450 calories

Or virtually the exact same amount of calorie as any kind of of the following...

Quarter Pounder w/cheese410 CALORIES

10 piece McNuggets460 CALORIES

Italian beef sandwich400 CALORIES

4 Lammes Dark coco Longhorns480 CALORIES

12 large grilled shrimpgrilled kabob; pineapple slices, scallions, red & yellow pepperscorn ~ above the cob v 1 tablespoon butter462 CALORIES

Large chicken fajita w/onion, tomato, lettuce, guacamole, hot salsamixed leafy eco-friendly salad through homemade dressing470 CALORIES


I"m not so sure these things are as bad for us as many people claim. My favorite chip has three ingredients and also tastes fresh, not like they to be cooked in rancid oil. Just don"t eat three servings at a time!

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