What"s the weed worth? (video)An arrest was made in York ar on Jan. 4, 2016. 247 pounds of marijuana were seized and and figured out as having actually a street value of $2 million dollars.
It was the price of the weed the intrigued readers: ~ above Monday, yellowcomic.com reported the seizure in York county of 247 pounds that marijuana.

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Beyond announcing the arrest of three California men -- one of them a sheriff's deputy -- in the bust, the York County district Attorney approximated the value of the seized drugs to it is in in overfill of $2 million.

There is no method that 247 lbs is worth everywhere near ($2) million dollars. Weed costs about $50 every eighth-ounce on the street. If you break-up that 247 lbs into 31,616 separation, personal, instance units and also sold them because that $50 each you'd only have actually $1.58 million....$750,000 tops in its mass form. You'd only break $2 million if you can sell all of it in small individual units and additionally overcharge everyone by around 25%.

Law enforcement authorities in York County put the estimated value that the 247 pounds of marijuana seized critical week in Hanover in overfill of $2 million.

Patrick J. Trainor, a spokesman for the U.S. Medicine Enforcement Agency's Philadelphia office, could not disagree, but he said that not all marijuana is the same.

The domestically grown range tends to be ... Well not really good, he said. Some of the incredibly high-grade ingredient -- favor the at sight high-octane product coming out of Canada, for circumstances - have the right to fetch upwards the $5,000 come $7,000 a pound.

Trainor laid out several reasons why district Attorney Tom Kearney's approximated value might not be excessive. Yellowcomic.com placed a contact out come Kearney's office but was said he to be unavailable because that comment.

For starters, law enforcement agencies generally assign a retail and a street distribution value to seized marijuana, Trainor notes. And while both in the finish are correct, they typically report the retail value.

A pure, high-grade cannabis can fetch as much as $5,000-6,000 a pound at the retail level. Medicine traffickers -- simply like any other heat of business, Trainor said -- make their many money not at the wholesale but the retail. And law enforcement, much more often than not, like to report the approximated retail worth of the seized cannabis.

"It is entirely possible to take a lb of marijuana and also cut the up right into nickle bags or dime bags and also what us would call a nick traditionally supplied to sell for $5 to $10 if short grade," Trainor said. "If it's high grade, the very same bag might retail because that $100. You can increase her profit margin by precise 200 percent."

The York County drug Task pressure with the assist of and also police organ from the region last main seized 247 pounds of marijuana throughout a website traffic stop. Three men, consisting of a sheriff's deputy native California, have actually been fee in connection to the seizure. All 3 posted $1 million bail each. (Ivey DeJesus/yellowcomic.com)

Trainor provides the cultured pearl analogy to define that one: If you want to to buy cultured pearls, you are going to acquire them a lot of cheaper in Tahiti than you would certainly in the U.S.

"You space paying premium because that those cultured ships to be cleaned, packaged and also delivered come Tiffany's in center City or new York. It's the same thing v drugs," Trainor said.

Marijuana, Trainor explains, has a significantly greater street value in a place like York County than it would in a large urban center, such as Philadelphia or new York.

"We watch a difference in value in between Philadelphia and Allentown," Trainor said. "Speaking native a Philadelphia perspective, you might go to Bucks or Montgomery or Delaware counties and pay more for it there. It's walking to it is in the very same in York County. It's going to be much more."

At Monday's press conference, Kearney declined to carry out detail information about the drub, saying the info was part of the ongoing investigation.


Pa. Residence committee approves clinical marijuana bill, yet mother fears 'secrecy'

Folmer bill approved, yet changes supposed on house floor.

Remember the old Cheech and Chong movie... 'the bigger the bust, the enlarge the boost?' transforms out supporters for the legalization the marijuana space still using that argument.

"They choose to organize them out as achievement later come move further up the chain," claimed Allen St. Pierre, executive director that the nationwide Organization for the revolutionary of Marijuana regulations (or NORML).

Almost all -- 98 percent -- the marijuana arrests in this country happen at the local level, he said. The federal federal government makes few arrests, that said. Moreover, neighborhood departments advantage from countless federal dollars easily accessible through programs such as the Edward Byrne Memorial State and also Local legislation Enforcement help Program, i m sorry St. Pierre explains as a "slush fund" because that local law enforcement.

"The basic criteria required is how many busts you make," the said. "The higher the bust and also value, the higher the calculus for local and state police gaining a portion of enormous federal provide programs. Local police are really incentivized to execute this."

Advocacy teams like NORML have actually for years made inflated estimates a point of contention, and the fact, that, lock say, once it involves prosecuting marijuana cases, police and also attorneys lean towards the higher estimated street worths and higher weights.

"From a PR point of view it benefits law enforcement, in their view, to placed a high dollar value on medicine or contraband," St. Pierre said. "It's a notch on your belt in regards to them gift able come say 'we stopped X or Y lot of medicine going from suggest A to allude B or us were may be to save X amount of medicine from her children...specifically her children!"

The truth that fresh -- or wet -- marijuana weighs an ext than the dry variety is not lost on police and also courts. The drug has actually a far-reaching drop in load over a quick time.

And while possessing any type of amount of marijuana is illegal in Pennsylvania, the greater the weight, the better the potential sentence defendants face.

"When the brass tacks space exposed, it's really vital from a defense point of check out to be able to establish the lowest feasible weight," St. Pierre said. "It's the weight that largely is the determining element -- no the value. That's the PR. It's the load of marijuana along with prior offenses or guns involved..generally speaking the more weight the better the punishment. Police really often inflate the worth of marijuana."

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