Who has been football’s best hot head because that the last 20 years? examine it out below as we existing the 25 players with the most red cards.

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The mean footballer just picks increase a couple of red cards over the food of his career. They deserve to be because that anything from making a desperate desperate effort in a video game to totally losing his cool altogether. The list of reasons have the right to be endless…

Some the them, however, seem to have a habit of gaining on the referee’s negative books ~ above too countless occasions. The people of football is complete of this individuals, qualified by some as ‘bad boys’. They’re a component of the sport most fans love, even if lock don’t desire to admit it.

And currently Transfermarkt revealed the Sergio Ramos has picked up the most red cards since 2000 ~ above a lining 26. The real Madrid captain is also on 259 yellow cards, making the the clear ‘winner’ top top this list.

Despite his many red cards, however, Ramos has actually never got a red card once for Spain in 170 appearances.

Interestedly, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Ricardo Quaresma space the only two forwards to do this list.

PlayerRed Cards
1.Sergio Ramos26
2.Rafael Marquez21
3.Felipe Melo20
4.Matteo Contini20
5.Fernando Amorebieta19
6.Gerardo Torrado18
7.Gary Medel18
8.Deividas Semberas17
9.Gonzalo Rodriguez17
10.Philippe Mexes16
11.Alberto Lopo15
12.Giampiero Pinzi14
13.Ricardo Quaresma14
14.Jermaine Jones14
15.Alexis Ruano14
16.Zlatan Ibrahimovic13
17.Daniele Conti13
18.Emre Belozoglu13
19.Cosmin Moti13
20.Leonardo Ponzio13
21.Alessandro Lucarelli13
22.Filippo Porcari13
23.Dani Alves12
24.Javier Mascherano12

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