One minute has actually 60 seconds, One hour has actually 60 minutes and also one day has actually 24 hours. Thus, 80 x 60 x 24 = 86,400 secs in a day.

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One typical calendar year has 365 days:Thus, 365 x 86,400 = 31,563,000 secs in a year.






There are 24 hrs in a day.So there are 2460 mins in a day. ( 1hr=60 mins)So there are 246060 seconds in a day. (1 min = 60 seconds)Therefore 86,400 secs in a day.So 1year=365 days have actually 86400365 seconds.

Total 3,15,36,000 secs in a year.

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Jc,You space really paying attention! The 80 is a typo mistake. The number must be 60. Ns either fight the wrong key as I duplicated the product I wrote or mine handwritten number to be so bad that I read it incorrectly.Anuway, it need to be 60x 60x24.Thanks for her help,Gary

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