John Michael Morris (older brother), Blake Morris Jr. (older brother), Joshua Morris (older brother), sarah Grace Morris (younger sister)



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Date of birth: October 8, 2002

No doubt, MattyB, known likewise as MattyBRaps, has currently won a many – he winner the love of countless viewers, fame and a hard wealth. But there’s a girl, who controlled to success his heart! Her surname is Kate Cadogan.

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She to be born in Duluth, GA and also grew up in the family members of Beth (nee Belt) and also Bill Cadogan. She has actually a pair brother Jack and a sister.

Kate crossed the method with the renowned rapper MattyB in 2013, as soon as he was play baseball v Kate’s brothers Jack. They began dating, but after a year split. Kate wanted to make a pause in their relationship.

But in 2017 the young couple started date again. To describe his fans, what’s continue in his personal life, MattyB posted a video “KattyB – room We Dating?” Obviously, MattyB and also Kate’s love story is developing. Not long earlier the rapper checked out homecoming through Kate.

Although Kate is simply a institution pupil, she has already done some modeling job. The dazzlingly beautiful girl appeared in MattyB music vids “Ms. Jackson” and “Hooked ~ above You”.


photo mattybraps / instagram

Date of birth: February 19, 1964

Blake Morris location himself as a dad of 5 adorable kids in social media, for this reason it appears that his 4 sons and also one daughter room the greatest achievement in his life.

When Blake Sr. Is free from parenting 5 children, the serves as a songwriter, investor and producer. He was North American Autonet CEO.

Nowadays Blake Morris Sr. Manages job of his kid MattyB and also of his nephew MarsRaps.

Blake Sr. Has been married to Tawny Morris for countless years, and also still calls she “the main love of mine life” at FaceBook.

MattyB’s father prospered up in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. Over there he attended Wesleyan private school. Right now he resides in Atlanta, GA. Back Blake Morris Sr is no a celebrity, that has currently made a number of small screen appearances. That featured in one illustration of “Dance Moms” and also in “MattyB’s World”.

Tawny Morris (mother)

photo instagram / mattybraps

MattyB’s mommy is a teacher. She to be born in Norcross, Georgia and attended the exact same school together her husband, so probably, they obtained acquainted there and are institution sweethearts. Castle wedded in 1994. Tawny is a big friend and also the many faithful pan of her talented son.

MattyB siblings

Blake Morris Jr. (older brother)


Date of birth: February 15, 1996

Blake is MattyB’s older brother. He appeared in “MattyB’s World”. Blake to be born and grew up in Atlanta, GA.

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John Michael Morris (older brother)

photo facebook / john-Michael-Morris

Interesting and also fun factsMattyB was born and also grew increase in Atlanta, GA. He attends Wesleyan School, wherein his mom previously operated as a teacher.MattyB founded his YouTube channel in 2011, being just 7-year-old boy. He uploaded covers on various popular songs, and was so an excellent in singing, that shortly he obtained a big fan base.The rapper began to perform original music. His first original song was uploaded to YouTube in 2010 and was called “I think in You”.His YouTube channel gained an ext than 10 million subscribers. MattyB’s channel was included into height 50 most watched YouTube networks list.Having began as YouTube star, MattyB relocated forward and also found the means to the little screen. The has currently appeared in “Good Morning America” etc.