Even though you adore pizza and also eat the often, you deserve to sometimes ask yourself wherein to order this delicious food and also ‘how numerous pizzas carry out I order’ once you have bigger agency than usual. Papa John’s pizza is the 4th largest pizza shop and delivery restaurant in the US, with countless franchises worldwide.

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I ​will offer you straightforward information about Papa John’s pizza dimension & price. Still, you need to be aware that menu and pizza prices vary considerably in us restaurants and 4,000 franchises in other countries, depending on the time the the day and also location. Let’s see.



Nowadays, Papa John’s Pizza has 2,600 restaurants in America. Through 302 pizza shops, Texas has the highest number of restaurants in the US, if Florida takes second place v 286 company-owned pizza shops and also franchises.

Papa John’s restaurants in the US

New York84/
North Carolina8099
South Carolina788
New Jersey52/
West Virginia22/
New Mexico16/
South Dakota13/
District of Columbia11/
North Dakota9/
Rhode Island4/
New Hampshire3/

Nowadays, vermouth is the only state without a Papa John’s pizza store.

Papa John’s Pizza Size and Price


Papa John’s is terrific pizza shop to walk for quality pizza. The typical prices at their menu variety from 4$ come 38$, consisting of pizzas, various other food, and also drinks. The pizza prices space various, relying on their kind and toppings.

Pizza type

Original Papa John’s pizza prices by sizes




Extra large

Original cheese$8$10$12$14
Original John’s Favorite$13$15$17$19
Original pepperoni$9$11.25$13.5$15.75
Original sausage$9$11.25$13.5$15.75
Original the Works$13$15$17$19
Original the Meats$13$15$17$19
Original Buffalo Chicken$13$15$17$19
Original Garden Fresh$13$15$17$19
Spicy Italian$13$15$17$19
Spinach Alfredo$13$15$17$19
BBQ Chicken Bacon$13$15$17$19
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken$13$15$17$19
Tuscan six Cheese$13$15$17$19
Mediterranean Veggie$13$15$17$19
Chicken and also Veggie$13$15$17$19
Grilled Chicken & Canadian Bacon$13$15$17$19
Tropical Luau$13$15$17$19
Hawaiian Chicken$13$15$17$19
Double Bacon 6 Cheese$13$15$17$19
Grilled Chicken Club$13$15$17$19
Cheesy Chicken Cordon Bleu$13$15$17$19

For example, friend can find original Papa John’s pizza in 4 sizes because that 8$ to 19$. The very same pizza shop provides only large thin pizza v prices ranging from $12 to $17.

Pizza type

Large thin Papa John’s pizza prices

John’s Favorite$17
The Works$17
The Meats$17
Buffalo Chicken$17
Garden Fresh$17
Spicy Italian$17
Spinach Alfredo$17
BBQ Chicken Bacon$17
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken$17
Tuscan 6 Cheese$17
Mediterranean Veggie$17
Chicken and Veggie$17
Grilled Chicken & Canadian Bacon$17
Tropical Luau$17
Hawaiian Chicken$17
Double Bacon 6 Cheese$17
Grilled Chicken Club$17
Cheesy Chicken Cordon Bleu$17

Despite typical pizza prices, you should be mindful that you need to pay an ext or less for a pizza pie, depending on the region and state whereby you live. Because that instance, prices are constantly a bit greater in California than in other states.

Pizza type

Original Papa John’s pizza prices by size in Irvine, CA



Extra large

Original cheese$16.65$19.2$21.75
Original John’s Favorite$20.5$23$25.5
Original pepperoni$16.65$19.2$21.75
Original sausage$16.65$19.2$21.75
Original the Works$20.5$23$25.6
Original the Meats$20.5$23$25.6
Bacon Cheeseburger$20.5$23$25.6
Mushroom Swiss Burger$20.5$23$25.6
Chicken Parmesan$20.5$23$25.6
The large Bonanza$20.5$23$25.6
Garden Fresh$20.5$23$25.6
Spicy Italian$20.5$23$25.6
Spinach Alfredo$20.5$23$25.6
BBQ Chicken Bacon$20.5$23$25.6
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken$20.5$23$25.6
Tuscan six Cheese$20.5$23$25.6
Mediterranean Veggie$20.5$23$25.6
Chicken and also Veggie$20.5$23$25.6
Grilled Chicken & Canadian Bacon$20.5$23$25.6
Tropical Luau$20.5$23$25.6
Hawaiian Chicken$20.5$23$25.6
Double Bacon 6 Cheese$20.5$23$25.6
Grilled Chicken Club$20.5$23$25.6
Cheesy Chicken Cordon Bleu$20.5$23$25.6

If you live in Irvine, CA, you require to set aside $16.65 come $25.6 because that an original pizza of her choice. The mean price because that a large thin Papa John’s pizza range from $19.2 come $23.

Pizza type

Large thin Papa John’s pizza prices

John’s Favorite$23
The Works$23
The Meats$23
Buffalo Chicken$23
Garden Fresh$23
Spicy Italian$23
Spinach Alfredo$23
BBQ Chicken Bacon$23
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken$23
Tuscan 6 Cheese$23
Mediterranean Veggie$23
Chicken and also Veggie$23
Grilled Chicken & Canadian Bacon$23
Tropical Luau$23
Hawaiian Chicken$23
Double Bacon 6 Cheese$23
Grilled Chicken Club$23
Cheesy Chicken Cordon Bleu$23

How numerous Pizzas come Order


Pizza is great pick to offer for numerous occasions, but sometimes it is tough to calculation how numerous to order. The best thing is to start with basic, like:

How many human being will comeHow countless adults and kids will certainly beWill pizza be the only food you setup to serveWill you keep leftovers for yourself or want to send a few slices to guests

Once you have all the answers, you deserve to start through calculating. Begin with the slice number that straight depends ~ above pizza size. Because that example:

Small pizza the 8 and 10 inches (20 – 25.5 cm) in diameter has actually 6 slicesMedium pizza of 12 customs (30.5 cm) in diameter has actually 8 slicesLarge pizza of 14 customs (35.5 cm) in diameter has actually 10 slicesExtra-large pizzas that 16 and also 18 customs (40.5 – 46 cm) in diameter has 12 slices


The next worry is people’s appetite. Basically, the is tricky to estimate the variety of slices world can eat. However, you deserve to make a rough estimate of 3 pieces for an adult and two slices every child.

If you recognize that you have actually friends v a higher pizza appetite, you can add for a part or 2 per person. It is also wise to account for an extra slice per human when you arrangement to bespeak smaller-sized pizzas or those through a slim crust.

Another means to calculate the pizza slice number is to usage a tool pizza size with 8 slices together an example. Main point the guest’s number by 2 slices every child and also three slices every adult. Then, divide the an outcome by the part number friend will get from the pizza dimension you desire.


You need to think about two much more things, including the meal itself and also the time that the day. In most cases, one huge pizza will be enough for 2 to four people when friend organize lunch.

However, dinner because that Sunday sporting activities day with various other snacks like chips and also wings will most likely require at least two to 4 pizzas, particularly if you arrangement to stay together because that a long.

The finest option is to use one of the digital pizza calculators to specifically determine the number of pizzas you need for a huge crowd numbering 10 or even much more than 50 people. The an outcome will be more precise if you include all crucial data, including:

Number of plan peopleNumber of adultsNumber of world that will most likely eat only one sliceNumber of human being that will more than likely eat an ext than a sliceNumber that pizza slices

There is one trick because that kid’s parties. Because that this occasion, you deserve to order medium pizzas reduced into 10 slices, yet you should always calculate food because that parents, as well.

Order for a group

Keep in mind the there are some differences when you arrangement parties with an ext people or family gatherings. In those cases, girlfriend should:

Order the largest pizza size possibleCalculate to plan leftoversOrder ~ above time


In 1984, John made decision to save his father’s business and also started a delivery pizza company in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Nowadays, Papa John’s Pizza has plenty of pizza shops worldwide. The company launched the an initial online ordering mechanism in 2001.

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Thanks to organization quality and also reasonable prices, the company became a part of the Guinness book of world Records in 2006 together the pizza shop with the highest level of client satisfaction.