It was in 1884, at the time of the very first studies the the monument the the trouble of web traffic on the Eiffel Tower arose. The desire that the design, Maurice Koechlin, was to have actually elevators, however you still had actually stairs, if only help. It was built with 4 staircases, one per pillar, varying from soil floor to 2nd floor, to add a 5th leading indigenous the second to the top.

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Go increase on the Eiffel Tower top top foot

This is the common use the stairs nowadays, with service needs. The enntrance gate is in ~ the southern pier where there is a ticket office. This is the only means to rise that deserve to not be purchased via the net beforehand, it will certainly buy top top the spot. However there is never ever the queue because when you buy the ticket you deserve to start come climb, there is no waiting to be expected on site. Rates are:

Adult: 7,00 €

Child: 5,00 €

Special rate: 3,00 €

The descent, through cons, deserve to be excellent by any type of of the 4 stairs, and also it is also a referral to go under by an additional pillar than the South, it enables to watch something else in the descent compared to the climb.

To the inquiry "Is it tired to rise the stairs?", The prize is yes, undeniably. It"s no a sporting feat either, everyone have the right to do it, yet you have to climb at your very own pace, calmly, since the road is long. The very first part is going native the ground as much as two-thirds that the climb to the first, a place where the the shade of the floor expand everywhere. It feels like being crushed through the monument, that is the location of the tower wherein we view the best inside, its design, but it is additionally here that we feel the the smallest in the challenge of that is architecture, the really offers the impression of conquering us. 

Start of the stairs


Section of the third floor staircase


Staircase in the 19th century


The stair going up to the 2nd floor in 1889

In 1900 the tower was renovated the an initial time, the stairs have undergone part changes, below is the explanation, offered by Gustave Eiffel himself.

The elevator of the South tower is removed and in its ar is set up a wide staircase provided to execute descents indigenous the first floor; the 2 existing staircases at the east and west piers will be assigned only to the ascent, and this organization will it is in doubled loved one to what existed in 1889. In addition, the four tiny spiral staircases, native the first to the second, whose use was not practical, will be changed by a large single staircase located in the southern stack in expansion of the brand-new staircase.

The two staircases that the East and also West pillars indigenous the ground to the very first platform were modified as soon as they left the ground, due to the fact that of the existence of the accumulators the the brand-new elevators, which during their uphill race involved occupy the place of the old stairs. The starting flight bypasses the place of the accumulators and at a height of around 6 m joins the old staircase. This plan is displayed for the West obelisk in numbers 12 and 13 of the plank XLVI.

From the ground come the first floor there space 14 transformations of 3,666 m of height including 24 steps, add to a beginning flight ~ above the ground, that 21 steps, and an arrival flight of 7 steps, in every 564 steps. Because that the component of the 1st to the 2nd floor whose width is 1.50 m and whose huge flights have actually no bearings, the revolutions, numbering 15, additionally have 3,666 m of elevation including 24 actions of 152,7 mm; but the width of these differs according to the position of the revolution on the road. The starting flight ~ above the 1st floor contains 14 steps and also the come on the second includes 7, which provides between 1st and second 381 steps.

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The total number of steps between the ground and the 2nd is because of this 745. This new staircase replaces, by offering much an ext convenience, the old spiral staircases inserted in each of the pillars, which room no longer available to the public.