Hello. Ns am going to be beginning the Omnipod this week and also I am very curious how countless vials in a common month walk a human being go through? ns realize us all usage different amounts of insulin, but just to get an idea would certainly be an extremely helpful. I am concerned about the expense of insulin. I have United Health treatment for insurance and each vial prices me $60. Now I to be not sure if mine prescription is written in different way if i would have the ability to get 2 vials for the $60 or exactly how it functions exactly. However it simply hit me favor a ton the bricks that I could end up spending close to $600 per month if i were to usage 100 systems every 3 days. Ouch.

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I don’t see why it would certainly be much different with the Omnipod versus MDI unless you use so small insulin that you fill just the minimum amount (85 units) and throw many of that out.

I usage an average of ~35 systems a day, so that functions out come ~1000/month, or about 1 vial a month. Much more during the holidays once I eat too plenty of cookies


I think your math is wrong - a vial is 1000 units, therefore 100 devices every 3 days = about the very same as me, 1 vial a month.

Thanks BarbraW! I have to not be v it this morning or something due to the fact that for some reason I was reasoning there are just 100 devices per vial once in reality there room 1000. : )

Thanks again!

The Novolog vials we get are 10 mL vials at 100 unit/mL (so 1000 systems per vial). Our earliest daughter goes through 120 units every three days and also she goes through a tiny over one bottle per month. If you usage 100 systems every 3 days, one bottle must be perfect for you in one month.

No worries - as soon as I was an initial diagnosed and was top top Lantus, i called about to check on prices as we have a really high deductible (almost $4000) on our insurance. The price they quoted me for Lantus pen was functioning out come something favor $1000/month! I remained in shock! then I figured out that they were quoting me a price because that 10 pens (or yet many came in a box) and also I to be assuming it to be 1 pen.

Talk around sticker shock!

Regardless, Diabetes ain’t cheap. I’m sort of chuckling at the story now, since there’s no way on earth that us won’t be conference our deductible every solitary year from currently on. It provided to it is in that i didn’t even bother to document stuff with insurance, because we never even got close to $4K/year.

Wow, that is a very high deductible. Ns am currently using vials the Lantus due to the fact that it turned the end to be much less expensive than the pen on ours insurance. $35 matches $60/month. Even saving that $25/month helps once there are various other meds necessary each month too. No, Diabetes absolutely is no cheap. The is because that sure!

Yes, I lastly looked at my vial and noticed the 10ml in ~ 100 units per ml…lol! You would think ns should understand that due to the fact that I have actually been type 1 because that 5 year now. : )

Thanks for your response, ns am happy to listen I must be roughly a vial per month if no at least under 2 vials. The I can afford.


Dont worry…I have actually been type 1 because that 30 year bow, and also I tho dont know all the specifices top top vial abount…units every vial, etc. Ns do recognize I walk through about 1 vial every 1.5 mos. And also that’s all i know. (Actually, I recognize a bit an ext but we will not go into what i know…that wuld it is in a rubbish of time). Welcomne come the pod! It’s an excellent t be a podster!

I think we all make the mistake around knowing the capacity of the vial the insulin - I recognize I walk

when I started the OmniPod my CDE argued for me to gain an extra vial until I learned approximately how numerous units ns would need per day. My basal demands were erratic, quiet are, so an extra vial comes in handy. Add to on chance I am a genuine klutz and also have been known to hit the pod turn off (I don’t have actually much lucky withdrawing the staying insulin from the pod, yet others do).

If the a $60 co-pay for a months worth of insulin (which is the means most insurance perform it) climate you can gain as many vials as your doctor will prescribe for that very same amount. Her insulin usage isn’t most likely to change much however I have discovered that ns sometimes have actually trouble making use of the whole bottle in my pods (I use 200 devices in about 2.5 work so i fill the every time, you’d think the this would typical one bottle would precisely fill 5 pods however it ends up filling an ext like 4.5 pods). The various other thing to inspect though is where your Omnipods are coming from. Since I gain my from a clinical supplier (CCS Medical) that additionally operates together a pharmacy castle send my insulin out as durable medical devices so it’s extended differently. That might be an alternative that’s precious looking right into for you as well.

I to fill my pod with around 150 unites each time. You need to have actually your doctor write a prescription for whatever you require for a month. Also try mail stimulate pharmacy if friend don’t already - I have united healthcare and also it saves me a bunch the money.

You don’t cite whether this is your first pumping experience. I uncovered that I use a lot less insulin than I did with MDIs. My prescription is for 5 vials every 3 months. I use a full of approx. 32 u/day. 11.65u Bolus and 20.65u Basal. I supplied to usage 32u the Levemir alone.

I additionally use less insulin with the pump. Prior to pumping, ns was using about 90 units/day. Now, it’s about 65 – just around the 200-unit max hosted by the Omnipod.

My boy is 6 foot practically 200 lbs. He needs the complete 200 devices in the pump and at many wastes 20 systems in the end of the 3 days…but periodically he keeps the on a bit and uses many of all of it. We room lucky to have actually both Military and also private insurance and one choose up what the various other doesn’t so us pay 0. Over there is a family deductible in the begining of every year however that go fast.

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I still problem each month the we space going to run out but so far…we have had extra. I wish there to be some regime where I could give who in need some of mine extra pens. I have humalog and also lantus pens the he doesn’t need anymore. Lock are just sitting in my fridge. If he demands an injection…we have constant needles for that.So far… so an excellent for us. He gets 4 vials a month. We have actually one open… one at institution in your fridge and 1 open full at home and 3 in the fridge. I have actually 9 lantus pens and also 6 humalog pens and 1 unopened vial the lantus… If anyone knows anyone close to Dover, DE that needs the pens and also vial the lantus. Have actually them contact me. Ns really dislike them simply sitting over there in the fridge… they aren’t old… child was simply diagnosed this year.