How plenty of unpaired electrons are existing in every of the complying with in the ground state: O, O+, O-, Os, Zr, S, F, Ar?

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many asymmetric carbon atoms are present in each of the following compounds?(a) (b) (c) see Answer
How many unpaired electrons are in the following complex ions? a. Ru(NH3)62+ (low-spin case) b. Ni(H2O)62+ c. V(en)33+ watch Answer
In each of the following situations, state even if it is it is a correctly stated hypothesis testing problem and also why (a) H0: = 25, H1 != 25 (b) H0: > 10, H1: = 10 (c) H0: x = 50, H1: x != 50 (d) H0 L p = 0.1, H1: ns 0.5 (e) H0: s = 30, H1: s > 30 view Answer
In each of the following equations, state even if it is y varies straight as x, inversely together x, or neither directly nor inversely as x. (a) 7xy = 14 (b) x - 2y = 12 (c) -2x + 3y = 0 (d) x = 3 / 4 y (e) x / y = 2 see Answer
In each of the following situations, state at which date, if any, revenue will certainly be recognised: 1. A...... ... Seller. 4. Retail goods are sold with typical provisions allowing the client to return the goods if the items do not carry out satisfactorily. The items are invoiced top top 1 might 2013 and also the... Watch Answer
show how the worth 0xabcdef12 would certainly be arranged in storage of a little-endian and also a big-endian machine. I think the data is stored starting at deal with 0. Check out Answer
does a balance sheet report on a period of time or at a allude in time? Also, explain the information conveyed in the report. Walk an earnings statement report top top a duration of time or at a point in time? Also, define the info conveyed in that report. Check out Answer
The following information is available about items that differ between the governmental accumulation and...... ... Schedule is available. The net change in money balancestotal government funds was $1,100,000.Required:Prepare the reconciliation of the explain of revenues, expenditures, and changes in... See Answer
write the theoretical (calculations) and simulation through proteus of the problem listed below and include screenshots of the simulation with full explanation of the each components View answer
(a) Bonita firm ships merchandise to Myan coporation, group on December 30. The goods reaches...... ... Top top January 5. Show the terms of sale the will result in the goods being had in (1) Bonita\"s December 31 inventory and (2) Myan\"s December 31 inventory. (b) Under what circumstances... View Answer
A particular oxygen atom has actually the electron configuration 1s22s22px22py2. How many unpaired electrons are present? Is this an excited state for oxygen? In going from this state come the ground state, would energy be released or absorbed? see Answer

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which of the following electron configurations correspond to an excited state? recognize the atoms, and also write the ground- state electron configuration wherein appropriate. A. 1s22s23p1 c. 1s22s22p43s1 b. 1s22s22p6 d. 4s23d54p1 check out Answer