A valence electron is an external shell electron and may participate in the development of a chemical bond. Ok however how plenty of valence electrons does an atom of Zirconium have?In the instance of Zirconiumthe valence electron is2,3,4.

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Now let"s examine the facts around Zirconium...

Zirconium Overview

Zirconium Valence Electrons


Atomic Number

40Learn an ext about theatomic number.

Atomic Mass

91,224Learn much more about theatomic mass.

Atomic Symbol


State in ~ 20 °C



Gray-white, lustrous, corrosion-resistant metal.


Used in alloys such together zircaloy which is used in nuclear applications due to the fact that it does not conveniently absorb neutrons. Likewise baddeleyite is provided in lab crucibles. Offered in high-performance pumps and also valves. Clean zircon (ZrSiO4) is a renowned gemstone.

Name Origin

From the mineral, zircon.


Found in numerous minerals such together zircon and also baddeleyite.


Discovered By: young name KlaprothYear: 1789Location: GermanyWant come learn more details and data about Zirconium (Zr)? examine my Elements substantial List.


Are you having trouble understanding the basics of atomic elements? This video will walk friend through:What is an elementWhat is a substanceWhat facets look likeHow a small variety of atoms deserve to be join and type completely different substances

Need one editable regular table to edit? Maybe include your school logo, job-related team or anything rather to device your record look cool?Along with an easy atom / aspect information (like Zirconium valence electrons and all the other atomic data), it likewise comes with shade coded details about: State (Gas, liquid or Solid in ~ room temperature), Groups/series details and much more...How around an inspiration to re-publishing this post? (You will aid other colleagues discover this blog)Download and enjoy this complete and also colored periodic table for you come edit and enjoy. It"s in an editable excel style or .ods (open).

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