How to make Professional-Looking Gift Bows

By Kathy Green, Nashville Wraps Packaging Consultant

One the the most usual comments ns hear once talking to our customers is “How execute you do those pretty bows?” complying with are instructions because that a couple of bows that will make her gift wrap together pretty together if you rental a decorator! below the instructions, you will have the ability to watch a quick video clip demonstrating just how it’s done.

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First, let’s do a big loopy bow. This are ideal done v ribbon that is not also soft. Ours wired ribbons are good for this as well as the just Sheer Organza Ribbon and also other ribbons with the monofilament wire in the edges. Ns am making use of our Wired Satin stripe Sheer leaf Ribbon. It has a light wire and also a satin center and also is 1 ½ inches wide.

You will certainly need about 4 yards that ribbon because that the bow and also another item long sufficient to fit about your gift package and also tie a basic knot. You will additionally need to have a 4 inch item of florist cable or a metal twist tie. If you use florist wire, cut it before you start to tie her bow and also keep it wherein you can reach it.

Begin by tying the ribbon piece approximately your gift sheathe box.

Before you start your bow right here is a small tip to keep from wasting ribbon: don’t reduced the ribbon turn off the spool till you space done. See just how I started my bow close to the ribbon spool and work out towards the end of my ribbon. Working from this finish of the ribbon keeps that from twisting up as I work. I rolled off about four yards and started at the point.

Start by do a loop about 3 inch long. Squeeze the ribbon together choose in the snapshot and hold with your thumb and forefinger. Currently make a tight twist, transforming the tail of the ribbon one fifty percent turn. Make an additional loop the opposite the first, her bow must look favor the one in the complying with video.

Now do a 3rd loop on height of the first one. Again squeeze, twisted then make a soon loop on peak of her second. Continue making loops on optimal of every other, squeezing and also twisting it spins you have actually six loops on every side of her bow. Remember, it will not look prefer a round bow till us are totally done do loops.

Still hold the ribbon between your thumb and forefinger, use the florist wire or steel twist tie come secure the middle tightly. I used one of ours pink steel twist ties due to the fact that it matches my ribbon.

Now pull two of the loops top top one side far from each other as in the illustration A, continue till all loops are pulled personally on that side. Currently do the various other side. See just how pretty her bow is already?

Now every you should do is clip the ends of her twist tie and attach it to her gift package by placing it in the facility of the node you formerly tied and also tying the node tails up and also over your bow. Fluff the end the loops and also you have actually a beautiful gift wrap.

This dimension bow will certainly fit nicely on ours AB3 shirt box. Girlfriend can adjust the amount of ribbon and also loop sizes to make bigger or smaller loopy bows.

How to make a Beautiful Bow

Creating a Layered Gift Bow

We can add pizzazz through layering the loopy bow with a contrasting shade or a ribbon the a various texture.

To do a layered bow, pick your ribbon, I offered a narrow just Sheer Organza Ribbon in black color to coordinate with my gift wrap. Now repeat the steps above for a loopy bow. I made eight loops on every side of my bow since this ribbon is no as vast as my original ribbon. Affix this brand-new bow to the center of your original bow through either cable or twist tie or you can lay that in place and tie both bows along with the tails from her package knot. This bow method makes a pretty pew bow too; simply make the tails longer for drama. We made ours pew bow through 6 customs Tulle and Wired Satin leaf Sheer Ribbon because that the center layer.

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If you have actually tried the steps over and still feeling all thumbs, perhaps the traction Bow is the answer for you. View our video clip below on just how Pull Bows work.