Numbers approximately 6 number are natural numbers that have the place value it spins hundreds, thousands, or lakhs. Have the right to you compose the populace of the state where you live in number form? How around writing under the price of your favorite vehicle in the number kind as well? when you buy a car or counting a state's populace you will certainly look at six and seven-digit numbers.In this lesson, we will check out the civilization of numbers approximately 6-digits. We will certainly walk v the Indian and also International numbering solution for the numbers up to 6-digits, see how to decompose them, clear misconceptions, and also discover an interesting6-digit number.

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1.What space Numbers up to 6-Digits?
2.How come Decompose 6-Digit Numbers?
3.Common mistake or Misconceptions
4.6-Digit Numbers place Value
5. FAQs on6-digit Numbers

What space Numbers up to 6-Digits?

In the 6-digit numbers,the highest possible place worth is 1,00,000 which has a distinct name in the Indian numeralsystem – a lakh.A lakh is 1 complied with by 5 zeros and also is the smallest possible 6-digit number. That is crucial to recognize the Indian numbering device at this stage due to the fact that from the next higher place value (or the next higher power that ten), the global numbering device would also be used, so the difference must be made clear.

There room three distinct numbers in the Indian numbering system – Lakh, Crore, and Arab.

One lakh in number is written as 1,00,000.A crore is equal to a hundreds lakhs and also is expressed as 1,00,00,000An Arab is 100 crores and also is expressed together 1,00,00,00,000


There is no particular name because that a lakh in the worldwide system, and it is just referred to as a hundred thousand. Let's have a look at the worldwide System.

Commas in 6-Digit Numbers

As every the Indian numbering system, there would certainly be 2 commas used in any six-digit number. The first would demarcatethe an initial three digits (from right) to show how many thousands over there are, and also the following would come after the an initial 5 number from the right to display how plenty of lakhs space there in the number. For example, you would certainly write 372672 as 3,72,672 to typical that the number has 3 lakhs,72 thousand, 6 hundred, 7 tens, and also 2 ones.

How come Decompose 6-Digit Numbers?

Decomposition of a 6-digit number means to create that number with the help of its ar value and also face value. Like we claimed at the start, a 6-digit number has actually place values as much as a lakh. Provided beloware the names of the ar values (starting indigenous the right) in a 6-digit number:

Digit 1-UnitsDigit 2-TensDigit 3-HundredsDigit 4-ThousandsDigit 5-Ten ThousandsDigit 6-Lakhs

So let us take a random 6-digit number choose 2,31,273 (Indian System) and 231,273 (International System) and also see exactly how it gets decomposed.

Digit1Place worth = 3 × 1 3
Digit 2 location Value = 7 × 10 70
Digit 3 place Value = 2 × 100 200
Digit 4 place Value = 1 × 1000 1000
Digit 5 place Value = 3 × 10000 30000
Digit 6 location Value = 2 × 100000200000

Observe closely its decomposition as per worldwide Number System.


Expanded type is useful to split and also present the higher digit number in the units, tens, hundreds, thousands form.Decomposition the numbers leads to creating or readingof numbers in one expanded form which furtherhelps to far better understand and also rightly review the greater digit numbers. For2,31,273 deserve to be written in expanded kind as 2,00,000 + 30,000 + 1,000 + 200 + 70 + 3.

The significance of Zero in 6-Digit Numbers

Any zero i m sorry does not have any type of non-zero number come its leftdoes not count in the number of the 6-digit number. Take, because that example, 2 6-digit numbers 023843 and also 002305. In both these numbers, the 6th number on the excessive left does no have any kind of further no zero number to its left. Additionally, in 002305, the 5th number native the right additionally does no have any kind of further non zero number to its left. So because that 002305, the 2 numbers top top the left too much are without any type of value. So the 2 numbers can actually be written as 23843 (which makes it a 5-digit number) and 2305 (which renders it a 4-digit number). On the various other hand, with the addition of every zero to the appropriate of any kind of digit in the number, increase the worth of that number, such together 238430 (which is a 6-digit number) becomes 2384300, which is a 7-digit number.

An amazing 6-digit number

As you continue to explore your way around the exciting human being of numbers, you will certainly come across a number that normally is written using 6 digits (although much shorter versions are also used). This number is called'Pi'(pronounced as Pie) and is stood for as 3.14159 and also the Greek letterπ. It is defined as the ratio between a circle’s circumference and also its diameter. So, if the diameter is D, and also circumference is C, climate C =πD. In an ext simple terms, that is the ratio of the number 22 and also the number 7. Although the is usually stood for by 6 digits (and sometimes also smaller versions favor 3.14 or 3.142), the is theoretically feasible to have infinite digits in this number. Currently we involved the interesting part. Instead of 22/7, let us think about 1/7. This number 1/7 is another cyclic number (it has actually infinite number after the decimal point), but we commonly write it together 0.142857. Right here are some amazing facts about0.142857

When you multiply this 6 number 142857 through 7, you acquire 999999It is even more interesting to note that the same set of digits get repeated once you multiply 142857 through the numbers 1 with 6142857 × 2 = 285714142857 × 3 = 428571142857 × 4 = 571428142857× 5 = 714285142857 ×6 = 857142

Common failure or Misconceptions

Right from at an early stage grades, kids face difficulties regarding the place value of digits in the provided numbers and also then they come throughout learning of the number system and also conversions native one number system to another. Here youngsters should construct comfort composing the exact same number in both systems. Targeted practice helps. Given listed below are usual mistakes and also misconceptions.

Misconception: "One hundreds thousand" and also "one lakh" room two different numbers.So, 100,000 is created as “One hundred thousand” together per the international naming system but “One lakh” as per the Indian system.

Children tend to make mistakes as soon as placing commas in numbers of 6 or an ext digits.This once again happens since of 2 conventions - the Indian system and the international system.

Let's now know how have the right to we write a 6-digit number in Indian and International System.

6-Digit Numbers location Value

The best way to find out to write 6-digit number is to create a chart v all the place names listed. Girlfriend must have actually observed that till ten-thousand the naming convention is the same. But for 6 number or greater the same number has two names. The choice of names does not readjust the value of the number. “One lakh” and also “one hundreds thousand” room equal (have the same value). Also, thegiven numbers can be represented instandard form,words, or in increased form.


Tips and also Tricks

Tip: remember the zeros for two huge numbers and all other bigger or smaller numbers have the right to then be composed with recommendation to these 2 numbers.

"one crore" is 1 complied with by 7 zeros. "1 million" is 1 complied with by 6 zeros.

Trick:If we want to round off say 4,63,859 come the nearest thousand then underline all digits that are in the lower location values (ones, tens, and also hundreds, in this example). Then change those digits v zero, while doing this inspect the highest possible place value we space replacing (hundreds place i.e 8 in this example). If the is 5 or higher, rise the thousands ar by one. Therefore the rounded off number will end up being 4,64,000.

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Important Points

100 lakhs make a crore.The greatest 6-digit number is 9,99,999 i beg your pardon is check out as ripe lakh, ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine.Interesting fact: top top cheques, we write the quantity in both ways (In digits and in words).Example: 2 lakh is created as Rs. 2,00,000 in the number an are provided, and 'Rupees 2 lakh only' is created as indigenous in the line below.