The non-surgical target lift is a good alternative because that patients who want a rounder, fuller buttock and also do no have sufficient fat from your body to harvest or room averse come surgery. It can also help with in its entirety skin texture and also cellulite in the area and also contouring. We have actually seen this boost in popularity throughout the country and also at our Atlanta area offices. Our triple board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Asaf Yalif, performs this fix up procedure in the office setting for individuals who want to include shape to your backside non -surgically.

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What is injected in a Non-Surgical target Lift?

How much Does a Non-Surgical target Lift price in subway Atlanta?

The cost starts at $6,000 because that a liquid butt lift but can rise if girlfriend desire more volume because that your wanted aesthetic. We assess her results in time so often we recommend waiting at the very least 8 come 12 weeks in between treatments as the result will continue to improve over that time.

Ideal Non-Surgical butt Lift Candidates

People considering the Sculptra liquid target lift get the volume to the buttocks they have been hoping because that without the trip to an operating room. Perfect candidate for a Sculptra butt lift has:

Excellent skin elasticity in the buttocks areaNot enough fatty tissue obtainable for liposuction/fat transferComfortable with an incremental change that deserve to be raised over time.

As v all elective procedures, patients have to be nonsmokers in great overall wellness with realistic expectations from the procedure.

Understanding her Procedure

A non-invasive target augmentation begins with noting to make certain we supply the best booty because that your desired aesthetic. Once local anesthetic has been administered Dr. Yalif injects the Sculptra right into the buttocks with a unique syringe, layering the filler to develop optimal results. This filler deserve to be supplied for other locations of the body together well.

Dr. Yalif create a customized non-surgical setup based on her cosmetic goals and the physical test he performs throughout your consultation. It’s crucial to recognize that the Sculptra butt lift is a various procedure than a surgical Brazilian butt lift, which Dr. Yalif offers as well.

Asaf Yalif M.D., F.A.C.S.

Triple Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Yalif combine the skill of a fellowship-trained plastic surgeon through a warm bedside manner the puts patients at ease from the minute they meet him. He leader a tiny team of committed professionals at our boutique practice, wherein each you"ll be treated as a member the the Y Plastic surgical procedure family. Discover More

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Recovery & Results

Typically, patients who have a minimally invasive Sculptra elevator will experience bruising and swelling over the first couple of weeks that is important throughout that time to follow your short article procedure instructions and massage the area typically to permit for the product to begin to work properly. The results are typically visible at 6 weeks and also a decision about re-treatment have the right to be do by 8 come 12 mainly if you want to make it larger by adding an ext Sculptra. Us recommend that you preserve a healthy diet and also postpone vigorous exercise until approved by our medical team. Organic aging and also weight gain or lose can impact the improvements.

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Men and women considering a non-surgical butt lift travel from Atlanta and also throughout Georgia to have actually Dr. Yalif carry out the procedure. Inquiry a consultation making use of the online type to comment on your purposes personally v Dr. Yalif. Friend can additionally call united state at(404) 822-4402 come schedule one appointment.