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Unable to get drainpipe plug out !!! What is the cooling volume of said block. I have flushed whatever out twice and I am now ready to put coolant in.
Cooling capacityAntifreeze works finest when mixed in a 50/50 systems with distilled water. Together for the capacity we"d really have to know what vehicle, how big is the radiator, is the heater hooked up etc, etc. What I carry out is mix the antifreeze ahead of time, climate no matter just how much I add it"s blended 50/50.
"What I do is mix the antifreeze ahead of time, climate no matter exactly how much I include it"s mixed 50/50."Nothing choose a little common feeling to the fore. :thumbup:
Capacity counts on what kind of car it"s in. A "72 Nova v 350 & factory air (3-core radiator) supposedly hold 17 has actually specs on numerous cars. Click repair info, climate specifications, and also plug in your vehicle data. It"ll phone call you just how much anti-freeze friend need, and also doubling that figure will gain you close.
Cooling capacity
Good one Jmark. One of my brothers to be stationed at fort Bliss ago in the 60"s. He swore a vehicle could obtain a scratch down come the stole on it and also the bare steel wouldn"t rust. That was likewise mechanic heaven since you didn"t need to use a torch or gallons that penetrating oil once taking personal nuts and also bolts on 5 year old cars.
Cooling capacity
PS, In instance you don"t understand I think that said ft Bliss remained in the southwest edge of Texas on the mexican border.

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It just occurred to me the if girlfriend couldn"t gain the radiator plug OR the block drainpipe plugs out, you"ll have some residual flush water tho in the block, and you"ll require to enable for that once you mix your coolant. Best method I understand is to uncover out specifically how lot pure anti-freeze you"ll need, and also pour that in first, then optimal it up through water. Perform it v the opening in the intake whereby the thermostat goes, and also you"ll get an ext in without having actually to start the engine. Make certain the "stat housing"s not corroded if you have actually it off.

Antifreeze fill
I always drill a tiny hole in the thermostat to enable for air to escape and also prevent an airlock
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