Topping the scale at end 350 pounds, wilhelm Howard Taft was a true political heavyweight. Although “Big Bill” was the only guy to serve as both U.S. President and Supreme Court chef justice, what many remember about Taft is that he supposedly came to be stuck in the White residence bathtub. The story, however, supposedly doesn’t hold water. No documentary proof backs the up, and also according come Brady Carlson, writer of the book “Dead Presidents: one American Adventure right into the strange Deaths and also Surprising Afterlives of our Nation’s Leaders,” the story didn’t arise till two years after Taft left the presidency. Carlson says the sudsy tale first surfaced along with other presidential dirt in longtime White residence usher Ike Hoover’s 1934 memoir, “42 year in the White House.”

“The funny part is the while Taft was president, the White House gained a tub that to be so large a chairman couldn’t possibly gain stuck in it,” Carlson says. Indeed, simply weeks after Taft’s 1908 election, the captain of a warship transporting the president-elect to check the Panama Canal re-quested a super-sized bathtub capable of hold the heftiest man ever before to occupy the Oval Office. Since no “Taft-size” container could be found, a Manhattan company specially do the biggest solid porcelain bath tub ever produced an individual. That was an ext than 7 feet long, 41 inches wide and weighed a ton—literally. A photo in the February 1909 worry of the journal engineering Review proved the pond-like presidential tub with four men sitting comfortably in-side.

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Photograph of 4 men in Taft’s tub, originally published in a 1909 problem of engineering Review. (Credit: U.S.

Newspapers reported that similarly spacious tubs were installed in the White House, ~ above Taft’s presidential yacht and also inside his brother’s summer home in Texas.

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~ leaving the White home in 1913, Taft moved into a suite in a brand-new Haven, Connecticut, hotel v an immense bathtub that the Philadelphia Inquirer reported was “deep enough to permit an ordinary sized guy to float when it is filled.” two years later, the ex-president’s bathing habits again made news when at a Cape May, brand-new Jersey, hotel he “failed correctly to take into consideration the size of the median seashore hotel bathtub.” The water displaced through his remarkable girth submarine the floor and also trickled top top the top of guests in the below dining room. Together a wistful Taft gazed the end at the Atlantic ocean the following morning, that said, “I’ll obtain a piece of that fenced in part day, and then once I endeavor in, over there won’t be any type of overflow.”