Seat Reservations

Please Note: Concert tickets carry out NOT incorporate Fair door Admission. Girlfriend will additionally need to acquisition a Fair door Pass.

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Seats begin from $20

For party suites inquire at 604-252-3663 or email groupsales

Mother mom is a Juno and MMVA nominated Vancouver-based band, comprised of Ryan Guldemond, Molly Guldemond, Jasmin Parkin, Mike Young, and also Ali Siadat. Castle earned crucial acclaim through their an initial two outings Touch Up (2007) and also O my Heart (2008). Their next two releases Eureka (2011) and also The Sticks (2012) ceded the top 5 radio access time “The Stand”, “Bit by Bit” and also “Let’s autumn In Love”, do the band the 2nd most aired different act in Canada in 2012 and also 2013. In 2014 castle racked up much more hits through “Get the end The Way”, “Monkey Tree” and also “Modern Love” from your much-lauded document Very good Bad Thing. Due to the fact that then, they’ve garnered end 5 peak ten singles top top the alt absent charts, end 32 million streams ~ above Spotify and also over 12 million see on Youtube. The band’s newest single, “The Drugs” shot increase the alternative radio charts, wherein it continued to be at the #1 clues for 3 weeks. Mommy Mother recently returned native a coast-to-coast Canadian tour that witnessed them play come a sold-out historical Massey room in Toronto, and also a record-setting five-sold out shows at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. They will embark on a united state tour with dates throughout the spring and also summer the 2017.

New this year: basic Admission wristbands

Wristbands will certainly be required to access cost-free general join seats. Wristbands will just be available at the Revelation booth in Playland beginning at 2pm top top the day of the concert and will it is in time-stamped come ensure guests gain into the venue on a very first come, an initial in basis. Visit this page for much more info about Summer Night Concert wristbands.

Reserve seat now!

Concerts are complimentary with admission but a limited number of reserved seats are available for purchase beginning at just $20.

Reserved seats deserve to be purchased online or onsite during The same from the ticket booth located outside the to meet entrance in ~ the fairgrounds (subject to availability).

Please it is in advised, this concert venue has a volume limit and, for everyone’s safety, us will should close the venue once this capacity has actually been reached.


Frequently inquiry Questions

VenueSummer Nights Concerts space performed in the out venue, the Amphitheatre. Please be advised, this concert venue has a volume limit and, for everyone’s safety, we will must close the venue as soon as this capacity has actually been reached. This is an out venue and as such, refunds are not given as result of inclement weather. The Amphitheatre will open for every concert beginning at 6:30pm for those with booked tickets or time-stamped wristbands.

SeatingReserved seating is accessible at stage front and in a scheduled bleacher section for choose shows. Lawn Chairs space not permitted in the venue.

PricingThe Summer Night concert are cost-free with Fair door admission*, but guests have the alternative to update to a scheduled seat or book a private suite.

*iHeart Radio ~ above Sunday, September 3 and Monday, September 4 will not it is in included through Fair door admission. IHeart Radio concert-goers must purchase Fair gate admission in enhancement to concert ticket to gain entrance to the Amphitheatre.

Cameras & videosThe Fair at the requires that all photographs or videos take away by guests be provided for their personal enjoyment ONLY. Any kind of use, reuse or reproduction for commercial functions without the express composed consent the the is prohibited. Skilled cameras and also cameras with detachable lenses room not permitted. Cameras are additionally not permitted on rides.

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Book a personal Suite because that this event!

Suites are good for entertaining up to 14 clients, prospects, employees, family, and friends. Much more information and also pricing.