The 5-ton Raminator just damaged the Guinness civilization Record for fastest monster truck, topping out at 99.1 mph.

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The Raminator monster truck set a speed record of 99.1 mph in ~ Austin's Circuit of the Americas.Ram

The Raminator is a monster van in every feeling of the term. It's heavier 보다 an adult rhinoceros (5.25 tons) and quicker than a Ferrari Enzo (0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds). It’s 10 feet tall and 12.5 feet wide. That rides on tires that room 66 customs tall and weigh 900 pounds each. It’s powered by a 565-cubic customs supercharged hemi engine that produces 2,000 horsepower and also came out of a funny car. It has actually crushed buses and combines, and it cost around $280,000.

Oh, and also it just set the Guinness record for the faster monster truck, topping out at 99.1 mph. This answers a inquiry you may not have even thought come ask, but many rather have.

“One of the concerns we regularly get is, 'How quick will among those points go?'," claims Tim Hall, who built Raminator through his brothers Mark. "Well, let’s go discover out."

Hall and his brother room the two halves of room Bros. Racing, and also he's been structure monster trucks for 30 years or so. Your trucks, funded by Ram because 2002, have racked increase accolades and also championships in the Monster Jam series.


The peak speed record run, held Monday morning at the exceptional Circuit that the americas in Austin, Texas, to be something entirely various for these guys. They're offered to crushing obstacles and soaring v the air in an arena, not hauling ass ~ above a world-class racetrack. “There’s Formula One in ~ one finish of the spectrum, and there’s us down right here at the various other end," he claims of the run. "We ran on the same track.”

Though F1 and monster trucks may occupy different ends the the motorsports spectrum, do not for a minute underestimate the engineering affiliated in a truck like Raminator. The existing generation Raminator is the product of years of work, states Hall. Together their expertise and also available an innovation have progressed, they’ve boosted things like the chassis and also suspension, making every iteration much more powerful, durable, and completely ridiculous in the most awesome of ways. Every wheel gets 2 shock absorbers, the chassis is made of all steel tubing, and also the axle shafts room made of distinct steel alloys to take all the abuse life together a monster truck presents. The Raminator, hall says, is component drag racer, part desert racer, and component farm equipment: Fast, durable, and powerful. “Throw it every in a blender and this is what you come the end with.”

To collection the record, the team tweaked the truck's gearing come emphasize peak speed over outright acceleration. Beyond that, the truck was "stock." mark Hall did the driving, falling quick of the 100 mph note he wanted to hit, but beating the former record that 96.8 mph, set in march 2012 through the Aaron's the end monster truck.

Raminator is plenty of things---big, quick, and an ext than a little silly. One thing it’s no is fuel efficient. Room doesn’t have precise mpg figure, yet estimates the high-speed run melted five gallons that methanol. On a quarter mile run, that comes the end to 264 feet per gallon.


Alex Davies is a an elderly editor in ~ Insider and also the former editor of’s transportation section, where he dedicated in covering autonomous and electric vehicles. The is additionally the author of Driven, a book chronicling the origin of and race to produce the self-driving car.

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