I take trip an dreadful lot and most of the time I'm bringing pack at least one party of liquor v me. (My record was 7 full bottles.) You can read about how lot liquor you deserve to pack in her luggage here, which differs every airline. 

I've never had actually a party of wine or spirits rest in mine luggage, and I'll chalk the up partly to an excellent luck and partially to an excellent packing. 

How to pack Wine or spirits Bottles in her Luggage

Mini-bottles go in your shoes.

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Most world probably don't bring as many mini-bottles and also flask-sized samples as I do, however if that's the situation there is every that space inside your shoes simply waiting to be filled. 


Wrap your bottles in a plastic bag. I normally travel with extra-large Ziplock bags - castle don't take it up any space in your luggage. Even if ns forget, I always carry number of plastic grocery store bags the I usage to organize my dirty clothes and also I'll use among those. Or ultimately if ns don't have actually one comfortable (or my clothing are so extremely stinky that i won't let them roll approximately in mine suitcase), I'll use the hotel's garbage bag or laundry bag hanging in the closet. 

There are two reasons to usage a plastic bag and to wrap the party tight. Party breaks space the apparent one, however a more common problem is leaks. Bottles through corks and also even screwcaps quite regularly leak a small bit or a lot- particularly when they enter the low-pressure cargo hold in an airplane.

One girlfriend who typically transports open bottles recommends using plumber's ice cream on all the caps to seal them. 




Pack your Suitcase greatly Full. i am a proud over-packer so mine suitcase is almost always full. Also if you're not, friend don't want bottles roll around, shifting, or banging right into each other. Don't load it burstingly full, that course, due to the fact that you require room for the bottles.

Suitcase no full? Then to fill the extra an are with balloon wrap the you'll use approximately your bottles on the way home. 

Pad the Suitcase. If your bottles are right up against the next of your suitcase, they're much more likely come break as soon as it it s okay tossed approximately by luggage handlers up against hard and soft surfaces.

My suitcase has space in the top flap because that hanging shirts (a built-in suit bag) so the side has built-in coverage. ~ above the bottom of mine suitcase appropriate in the center I'll put any books or magazines I've choose up or perfect on the trip, adhered to by a layer of miscellaneous soft if I have actually it. If I have actually a ton of paper literature I placed the remainder of that in the external flap of the suitcase - it not just forms an ext padding there, however if mine luggage is overweight I can throw the end or carry-on those papers/books.


Wrap the party in pants or sweaters. i have always assumed that once bottles rest in luggage it is in ~ the neck, yet a survey of my other booze-hauling friends suggests that it's usually the sides the break instead. Regardless, wrap your bottles in heavy material. I commonly use jeans, begin by pack one leg around the neck, then keep wrapping approximately the bottle. If ns don't have any type of pants accessible I'll plunder the bottles in t-shirts instead. Or if I have plenty that clean ingredient I'll perform a t-shirt then a pair that jeans. 




Put a obstacle between bottles. you don't want them knocking right into each other. Flip-flops are an excellent if you have actually them since they're foam. 


Pack around the sides. fill in the rest of the space with your remaining items, making certain to put something at the top and bottom the the bottles. Most often I'll have actually my dirty apparel bag(s) top top one side and also shoes on the other. Then a lot of of small stuff, toiletries, etc in all the corners. 




Other considerations:

Room because that More. When I'm not certain if I'll operation out of an are in my luggage because that bottles I'll find at mine destination, I placed a zipper-closed canvas bag in my luggage. That means if I bring home a ton that booze, I deserve to put the extra dirty clothes and also toiletries right into the zipper bag and check the on the way home. 

Consider the weight. A complete 750 ml party of liquor weighs a small under 3 pounds (1400 grams). The weight limit on many checked luggage is 50 pounds. 

Duty-Free Liquor. If you plan on buying your booze in duty-free, you may have to pack it right into your luggage anyway. For instance if you're flying into the US and also transferring planes, you'll have actually to examine the duty-free items into your luggage at the transport airport.  That have the right to be a real hassle if you don't arrangement for it. 

I prefer to buy mine liquor at a keep while I'm traveling rather of duty free just for this reason, and much more often that not the revenue price in ~ duty-free isn't that an excellent anyway. The said, friend can acquire some cool collectors party not accessible anywhere rather in duty-free.

So the finest thing to carry out if you arrangement to shop duty-free and also know you'll need to repack it is to pack your luggage as above with a huge hole in the middle where you'll placed your bottles. Fill the hole through bubble wrap and bags therefore they're simple to access when you need to repack her suitcase top top the floor the the airport.

Bottle deliver Bags and Tools

Some commercial products are expected to take care of the padding and bagging part of this. Most have actually bubble wrap interior, despite some have actually absorbent material like diaper material. Then most have an outer bag the seals for this reason that also if the bottle leaks or breaks it will certainly all be caught inside. One friend said he used a boating dry bag.

I have actually not do the efforts the listed below brands/products, yet a couple of brands easily accessible are:

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One that the upsides of constantly having a pair that cowboy boots is having actually somewhere come stash bottles on a return flight.

But yeah, cowboy boots + plumbers ice cream is a winner. It's a an excellent idea to take a oz or two's drink from every bottle as well - not only to calm pre-flight nerves but if your bags room going in the cargo hold, not all planes pressurize their cargo hold - as air push decreases the press inside the party increases because of the liquor expanding due to the fact that of vaporization via enthalpy. This can cause corked party to pop almost everywhere your clothes, soaking all your equipment in overproof rum.