If the Lhasa Apso has drawn you in through her adorable small face and shaggy hair, then you’re most likely interested in how much among these cuties costs.

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The Lhasa Apso dog price ranges from $1,300 come upwards come $5,100 or more.

If this seems prefer it’s a small too high for your budget, then you deserve to always embrace or rescue.

An fostering costs around $150 or so, when a rescue donation is in the ballpark of $450.

Before you gain too invested, though, you should research the breed’stemperament and personality to ensure a perfect match.

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Lhasa Apso Temperament and also PersonalityLhasa Apso expense of Ownership

The Lhasa Apso, up Close

If you’re searching for a clock dog, then the Lhasa Apso is a an excellent choice

Tibetan monks bred Lhasa Apsos over 1,000 years earlier as defense guards the sorts for Tibetan monasteries. The Dalai Lama also had a couple of as pets!

This is miscellaneous that has stuck through the breed over the centuries to make them the an excellent watch dog they room today.

Lhasa Apso Temperament and Personality

Here room some aspects of the Lhasa Apso’s personality that deserve to sway friend on even if it is you might really desire to opt for this breed.

She Doesn’t appreciate Harsh Scolding

When you’re trying come train her Lhasa Apso, it’s necessary to store in mind the she is a really sensitive dog.

She responds much better to confident reinforcement, fairly than spanking or yelling or other harsher creates of scolding.

You deserve to be firm v her – simply don’t it is in mean about it. Make sure she understands that you room her leader, or she will certainly walk anywhere you.

Treats are, the course, the many effective, but don’t overdo it.

You don’t want to do her overweight, which can lead to a hold of wellness problems.

She Doesn’t execute Well with Children

The Lhasa Apso is an assertive dog, therefore she no do also with younger children.

Roughhousing and also loud noises stroked nerves her and also make her nervous.

She doesn’t Mind exercising Indoors

If you’re no a large outdoorsy person, that’s it s okay – the Lhasa Apso is small enough and has the kind of temperament that renders inside practice okay.

Just nothing skip it entirely – she requirements exercise to store both her body and also her brain sharp. There is no it, she may communicate in less than preferable behavior, favor digging or barking.


Else, she perfectly capable of keeping herself entertained, so friend never need to worry about separation anxiety with this breed.

She is Wary of human being She no Know

It stands to factor that a guard dog choose the Lhasa Apso would feel suspiciously of everyone she doesn’t know.

Therefore, if you have a brand-new friend end the house, she will act suspiciously for a little until she it s okay to know and also feels more comfortable through that person.

Something sort of cool about the Lhasa Apso is that she always knows when it is the ideal time come bark.

She has discerning hearing, therefore she can constantly tell once a sound she hears is normal or not.

Lhasa Apso Size

The Lhasa Apso is a decently tiny dog.

As an adult, she weighs between 12 and 18 pounds as a healthy weight.

As because that height, she grows to a maximum of 10 to 11 inch tall.

Is this a great size because that you and also your household? If not, you can want to consider other alternatives.

Lhasa Apso Price –How lot Do Lhasa Apsos Cost?

The Lhasa Apso price range is no unheard of because that a purebred dog.

You have the right to expect come pay anywhere from $1,300 to $5,000 or an ext as a purebred Lhasa Apso price.


You deserve to save a couple of dollars top top the price that a Lhasa Apso, though, if you opt come rescue or adopt instead.


As much as her popularity goes, the Lhasa Apso comes in 77th place of the feasible 195 dog breeds the AKC official recognizes.

This is a pretty decent number. It tells you that this each other is not so famous that you’ll have actually trouble recognize them, but it’s likewise not the rare either.

This is additionally why the Lhasa Apso average price inch closer to what you could expect to pay, top top average, for a purebred dog.

Lhasa Apso Rescue and Adoption

Rescuing or adopting a Lhasa Apso is a noble act the comes with number of rewards, consisting of saving a small money top top the price the acquisition.

LhasaApsoRescue.org can certainly aid you with any type of questions you may have. They deserve to also assist you certain a Lhasa Apso that your very own.

You don’t need to feel minimal to simply that one site, though. Over there are several sites transparent the country specialized to helping civilization rescue Lhasa Apsos.

When friend rescue a dog, you deserve to expect come pay around $450 or so together a donation to assistance the organization’s initiative to rescue much more dogs.

At your local shelter, a expense of about $150 is every the shelter requirements to take treatment of your certain dog, including shots and neutering.

However, it really is a lucky of the draw with your neighborhood shelter. It might be difficult to discover the precise dog she looking for.

You can always put your name top top a list to have actually them call you once one come in.

Telling the shelter that you’re open to a mixed breed may get you a version of a Lhasa Apso sooner.

We composed the definitive guide on finding, selecting, and dealing through dog breeders. This will provide you the smarts and confidence to save you money, time and heartache. Read On…

Lhasa Apso price of Ownership

You may discover the price of ownership much more problematic because it involves costs you need to pay top top a continual basis for her dog.

In addition to food and also vet care, this could likewise include groomers and also trainers, should you need a village to assist you raise her child, so to speak.

On that note, right here are some of the expenses of property you deserve to expect together a Lhasa Apso owner.

Cost of Food

For a dog the this size, you may want come opt for one of those smaller dog food bags with every weekly grocery purchase.

This should expense you anywhere from $6 to $10 a week, depending on the food friend buy.


Check v your vet ~ above the particular brand(s) you have the right to feed your Lhasa Apso.

And nothing overfeed your dog, everything you do. Store her healthy and also at a typical weight by providing her the recommendations listed by the food and/or your vet.

Since this is a breed that trains finest with treats, friend may likewise want to take into consideration how countless treats she had during her cultivate session the day.

If you had actually to usage a couple of more treats than you would have actually liked, you can probably go a small lighter on her food that day come compensate.

Health treatment Expenses

The Lhasa Apso is a fairly healthy dog breed.

However, you simply can’t prepare for health troubles sometimes. Us all desire our dogs to live come the extent of their meant lifespan.

No one wants to plan for things choose cancer or, god forbid, a auto accident that results in far-ranging injury to your dog.

However, every unforeseen events aside, the only things that often tend to affect Lhasa Apsos most frequently include:

Kidney diseaseEye issuesKnee/hip issues

In the grand system of things, this are mostly manageable problems that shouldn’t rest the bank.

However, if you have to visit the vet an ext often or pay frequently for medication, you might not have anticipated that and also end up experiencing financially together a result.

Important Note: couple of things are an ext important 보다 our Health. It"s no various with our dogs Health. Some access time (and money) to her vet can be avoided if only you know what to do when your dog is ill. The Ultimate guide to Dog health is the answer. No dog owner must be without this handy guide. It"s no instead of for your vet however it will conserve you Money and also Heartache. This Dog Health guide will aid you quickly understand and recognize symptoms before they end up being a serious trouble for her dog. Click here to view if girlfriend agree.

Training Programs

You can constantly train your dog yourself, however if you don’t have the time, or if you have a particularly complicated dog, you might want to rental a trainer.

You can also enroll her dog in obedience school, whereby she can learn alongside various other doggos the right way to behave.

There are numerous different training programsout there. You have the right to opt for classes or individual lessons.

You can also hire a trainer to concerned your house and also work with your dog one-on-one.

It all depends on what girlfriend need and also what you deserve to afford.

It’s definitely a good idea to shop about before settling on a cultivate program, as part programs offer certain discounts, depending upon what friend opt for.

The online Dog Trainer through Doggy Dan a world-class Dog Trainer from brand-new Zealand is worth taking a look at at. This online source has thousands of fun informative dog maintain videos the can aid you discover the basics and more.

Grooming Costs

Something the is an especially important because that the Lhasa Apso isgrooming.

For the most part, you can probably control the Lhasa Apso’s coat by yourself, bathing she only as soon as she gets stinky and brushing her regularly.

The problem comes once you desire to provide your Lhasa Apso a trim to keep her spring clean and also well-maintained.

It’s constantly a much better idea to rental a groomer because that a trim since if you do it wrong, the dog’s coat deserve to grow back permanently wrong.

If you’d rather a groomer handle the whole kit and also caboodle, from clipping to brushing, then you deserve to take your Lhasa Apso in when every 1 or 2 months.

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You may likewise want to enlist a groomer’s help to address the “tear” stains the Lhasa Apsos generally get underneath their eyes.