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Ultralight drywall is a generic term for a structure material the is about 25 percent lighter than conventional drywall. A dashboard of 1/2-inch thick ultralight drywall weighs 13 pounds less than standard 1/2-inch special drywall sheets. Follow to the Sheetrock UltraLight specification sheets, ultralight drywall is created of gypsum or calcium sulfate dihydrate (85 percent or less), cellulose (10 percent or less), and continuous filament glass fiber (5 percent or less), an ingredient perform roughly comparable to typical Sheetrock.

While the formulas because that ultralight drywall boards room proprietary, a slightly higher degree that pregelatinized corn starch and also a special form of surfactant may assist account because that the lightness and also the strength. Also, the introduction of a gaseous foaming certified dealer to the gypsum slurry likely adds much more air pockets to the wallboard, to reduce its weight. This foaming agent may additionally be responsible because that better-shaped pockets that provide superior structural strength.

Ultralight Drywall expense

Ultralight drywall typically costs slightly an ext than traditional drywall, but not by an amount that is far-ranging for most DIYers. For pros, ultralight has tendency to run about 20 cents per square foot, while conventional drywall runs about 18 cents. This distinction becomes far-ranging only for very big jobs. At major huge box home improvement centers, you have the right to expect to pay about $10 come $12 per sheet the 1/2-inch drywall, and also the expense differences between ultralight and standard space so slight that they are regularly rendered invisible by everything weekly sales specials are being conducted.

Maintenance and Repair

Installed correctly, ultralight drywall has the exact same profile because that maintenance and also repair as typical drywall. Some individuals report the ultralight is somewhat an ext susceptible to cracking under impact, however the damages is generally quickly repaired v a small additional taping and mudding work.


There is no appreciable design benefit for ultralight drywall over typical drywall. This is a material that can be provided for all wall and ceiling end up surfaces in any residential application.

Ultralight Drywall surroundings

Ultralight drywall is cut, installed, and finished in exactly the same means as traditional drywall. Panels are cut to fit, climate positioned versus framing members and anchored through drywall screws. Seams room finished through drywall tape and also several class of drywall compound, which is sanded smooth prior to the walls space painted. Some pros report that because ultralight is less susceptible to sagging, they can connect overhead panels v fewer screws. However, manufacturer's instructions space virtually the same for ultralight drywall and standard drywall, and DIYers are advised come treat both varieties of drywall identically as soon as installing.

Ultralight Drywall vs. Standard Drywall

The main difference in between ultralight and also standard drywall is, obviously, the weight. A standard 1/2-inch thick paper of drywall measure up 4 x 8 feet weighs about 57 pounds.

According come drywall maker USG, a 4 x 8-foot paper of Sheetrock brand UltraLight dashboard weighs 13 pounds less, because that a complete of 44 pounds. part do-it-yourselfers who find standard 1/2-inch drywall too hefty may find this load to be significantly more manageable.

The weight benefit of ultralight i do not care more far-reaching with thicker panels. A 4 x 8-foot sheet of conventional 5/8-inch special drywall weighs 74 pounds, and also a 23 percent reduction in weight offered by ultralight have the right to be significant. But be conscious that more thickness Type-X drywall might be forced for some installations—for example in garages or approximately furnace rooms come retard the spread out of fire. Ultralight drywall walk not meet these requirements.

Consider, too, that drywall sheets often come bundled in pairs—two sheets offered as one, through a record binding strip under the edges. If you pick to save the file binding piece in place, you could conceivably be carrying 114 pounds for every bundled pair the 1/2-inch 4 x 8-foot standard sheets. So, the 26 pounds of weight savings per bundled pair of traditional boards deserve to be helpful.

go Lighter mean Weaker?

USG notes that their irradiate wallboard has actually "superior sag resistance" and also that the hangs well on ceilings through 24-inch on-center joists. The company also states that the product is "stronger pound-for-pound than standard 1/2-inch drywall." the may, however, be weaker on a square foot basis, i beg your pardon is the anecdotal evidence from installers and also contractors. Specialists report the ultralight panels may be an ext brittle and much more prone come edge breakage than standard drywall panels. Yet Datasheets for the product state that, because that hardness and flexural strength, Sheetrock UltraLight "meets or exceeds" ASTM C-1396 Specifications. Because that DIYers, over there is yes, really no reason to avoid ultralight drywall the end of comes to for that is strength.

peak Brands that Ultralight Drywall

U.S. Gypsum (USG) and also Georgia-Pacific (GP) are the two leading manufacturers that ultralight drywall in the U.S.

GP renders a light drywall product referred to as ToughRock Gypsum board in 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and also 1/2-inch thicknesses. This product is slightly much less than 44 1/2 pounds every 1/2-inch-thick paper at 4 x 8-foot size. In regards to weight, it is similar with Sheetrock UltraLight.

Is Ultralight Drywall right for You?

USG's product is mainly marketed come the professionals—either drywall hangers who lug the product every day or to contractors who need to think about issues such as rectal injuries and also productivity. Adopting ultralight drywall may have actually a significant impact ~ above a contractor's bottom heat at the end of the year.

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For do-it-yourself homeowners, the weight savings will certainly be felt through every pilgrimage made indigenous the home facility to the truck and also from the truck to the house. Drywall is constantly heavy and unwieldy, and also there is no way to get around that. However this contempt lighter board may aid do-it-yourselfers through the complicated loading and unloading tasks and especially as soon as it is crucial to hold the sheets overhead because that ceiling installations.