Celery sales skyrocketed in 2019, increasing practically 25%. However, lot of that rise was due to a rise in price. When celery might not it is in the most exciting vegetable in the department, the is a staple item for salads, soups and also even together a snack. Encourage celery well and watch it include to her bottom line.

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Celery offers a selection of health benefits. That is a great source the vitamin C, i beg your pardon is a known immune-system booster and also can assist prevent cancer. Diets including celery have actually been displayed to be advantageous in lowering cholesterol and also blood pressure. Celery extracts have actually been presented to alleviate inflammation in the cradle system. Celery additionally contains beta-carotene, which has been shown to assist with eye health.The U.S. Food and also Drug management has authorized the following nutrient content descriptors for celery: fat free, saturation fat free, low-sodium, cholesterol-free, short in calories and also a good source that vitamin C.

Celery sales increased in 2019 through 24.8%. Prices enhanced slightly and also pounds sold enhanced by 4.9%.


Celery is one ingredient in many recipes therefore cross-promote it with other items, consisting of stuffing, bagged salads, croutons, salad dressings, soup ingredients and also juicing equipment and other juicing vegetables.Celery is available in numerous quantities year-round. Promote it throughout the year.Fall: encompass celery in fall soup screens as that is a clip in soups. Add celery to vegetables trays that you are promoting for football game day parties. Promote celery as a healthy enhancement to back-to-school lunch boxes. Offer single-serve package for basic preparation.Winter: Celery is a traditional addition to stuffing, for this reason be sure to encourage it through stuffing supplies roughly the winter holidays. Promote celery with other oriental vegetables around Chinese brand-new Year as it to add flavor to stir-fries.Spring: include celery in feather promotions centered about salad vegetables.Summer: promote celery together a fast summertime snack because that kids. Cross-promote it v cream cheese or peanut butter.Offer samples the celery with dip or spread with cream cheese or peanut butter come encourage consumer to to buy celery together a snack option.
Display celery ~ above refrigerated tables and also in refrigerated cases to save it feather fresh. Warm temperatures cause celery come wilt. Eliminate wilted or damaged product from the display as soon as possible.Offer both stalks and celery hearts to appeal to consumer who favor the sweeter odor and much shorter preparation time the the hearts.Place celery vertically on the screen to produce an eye-catching design. Screen celery alongside carrots or tomatoes to create a complementary shade scheme.Offer fresh-cut celery sticks and also single-serve packages v dip to appeal to those consumers who desire a rapid snack but not the work-related of creating it themselves.
Include celery in soup as it to add flavor and texture.Stir-fry dishes room the perfect ar to include celery.Offer celery in omelets and as an addition to scrambled eggs.Place celery in salads and on salad bars.Use celery curls as a key garnish.Celery sticks can be supplied as drink stirrers.Add celery sticks come the children’s menu with dip as an alternative to french fries

50- come 60-lb. Cartons, naked, 18, 24, 30, 36 or 48 counting 50- to 60-lb. Cartons, sleeved, 18, 24, 30, 36 or 48 counting RPC 6416, 6419, 6420, 6423, 6425, 6426, 6428 hearts 18 1-lb. Bags 12 11/2-lb. Bags Foodservice packs entirety product proceeds to be pack according come size, ranging from 18- to 48-count. Celery understanding come in 12-, 18- and also 24-count. Diced or cut celery 4 5-lb. Bags, 1/4 –inch, ½-inch or 4-inch pole 2 5-lb. Bags, 1/4 –inch, ½-inch or 4-inch sticks

U.S. Extra No. 1 U.S. No. 1 U.S. No. 2 no all celery is graded. Ungraded celery is called “unclassified.”

Temperature: 32 to 36 F, 0 to 2 C family member humidity: 90-95% Mist: correct (Do no mist sheathe product.) common shelf life: 14 come 28 days from harvest, 3 come 5 job in store Odor-sensitive. Execute not store or transport with commodities that produce odors, such as apples, carrots, bulb onions or pears. Odor-producer. Execute not save or transport through odor-sensitive produce. Fresh-cut keep fresh-cut celery at 34 F, 1 C, and also keep bags closed till used. Celery will certainly dehydrate if left uncovered. Ar product in an ice water bath to change moisture.

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43% the consumers stated they purchased celery in the previous year.Shoppers 59 and older space the most likely period group to acquisition celery.Shoppers earning much more than $50,000 annually were an ext likely come buy than those earning less.