Suit of armor is a garment collection used by medieval warriors to defend themselves in battles. It showed up in the 14th century anywhere the Europe, got to its optimal of usage and also popularity throughout the 15th — 16th centuries and was going out of use starting from 17th century. Prior to the development of suits the armor, troops were using the chainmail-brigand sets because that maximizing the human body protection. However, the breakthrough of metallurgy and also constantly proceeding craftsmanship development resulted in the production of the suit of armor. The production of medieval full knight armor was the pinnacle of blacksmithing that required substantial skills, effort and also cost, therefore a middle ages armored suits were actually not only combat suits yet status goods as well.
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Full key Armor (Garniture) of George Clifford, third Earl that Cumberland, end of XVI century (1590-1592)

Full armor collection of George Clifford of the end of XVI century (1590-1592)His Majesty Henry VIII left a note in history so brightly, as anybody did. Majority remembers about his wives, some keeps in psychic Anglican Church, very few are aware of structure of the imperial Navy, set by him. But, fairly a few knows, that there is Henry VIII to whom we owed the figure of the royal Almain Armoury and Greenwich Armours in the 1525 year.Guest German artist were creating armor that the singular beauty and quality and teaching English armorers. So, imperial Armoury was emerging on the German base and by borrowing part knowledges from other arms schools. There to be no lack of orders in ~ G...

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Jousting items armor, 16th century

Jousting items armor collection of the 16th centuryHere is extraordinary work for your attention. Competition armor, really heavy, with highest protective qualities and perfectly beautiful. Motivated by tournament outfits of XVI knights (up come Maximilian III that Austria, Archduke of further Austria and also Emperor Maximilian II), steel Mastery make the most specific replica of battle armor that the XV century for you. Such armor appears the best medieval armor collection of any that had been ever before crafted. There is state-of-art handicraft of any kind of blacksmith, dignified framing if items prowess.Here you have the right to see to adjust of armor, which influenced us:Higgins Armory Museum in WorcesterReinforcing piece...




Knight armor kit of the 14th centuryThere to be a hard however cool years of the Caroline War, when you might meet black color Prince himself and die as an equal. However, also in those bad times you had actually a little an ext chance come live, if you wear an armor. Well, we are happy to provide you middle ages knights armour for your safe and also pleasure.Simple and reliable all at once image of west European armor in 60-80 year of XIV century. Wearing it, you have the right to be a really worthy knight in every corner of France, Burgundy, and Burgundian Netherlands. Keeping in mind, the there was a battle those years and a bulk of guys took a component in it, you can take into consideration this armor kit as middle ages times jeans v sweats...



English longbowman – a soldier that fortune

Meet a cool medieval fellow – one Englishman, an archer, and also a longbowman. Actually, a serious one – the is a veteran of battle of Flodden.Remember the fight of Flodden? friend surely do! September 9, 1513. Troops of England and also Scotland killing every other throughout Italian Wars. English army wins mostly thanks come longbowmen. Yep, exact same ones as our fellow. To be moral – this battle was the critical one in British history where longbow to be a principal weapon. It is why it was so cool and significant.English longbowmen’s glory rises from fight of Sluys in 1340 and shines bright in ~ Saint Crispin"s Day, 1415, near Azincourt.Longbowmen were well known for their archery skill ...




Landsknecht armor kit, XVI centuryLook and also do not say you have actually not seen!Admire and also do not say the did not offered!Buy and also do not say you room late!Luxurious and stunning. Rich and also unique. Bright and reliable.Video evaluation of this kit is here:, touch, taste, enjoy - XVI century landsknecht armor, the authentic armor kit based in ~ Swiss nationwide Museum, Zurich and Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg collections.Such gorgeous defense together landsknecht armor kit to be an incomplete armor worn by the most effective foot soldiers in the civilization - German mercenary pikemans of the late XV and early XVI centur...



Medieval armor stationary display screen mannequin

A unique steel mannequinfrom stole Mastery for storing your armour beautifully. After all, worthy armour needs worthy storage. And, of course, to present it off to her guests. Oh, well, let"s be honest with oneself - you didn"t bespeak your an elaborate armour come hide it in a dark closet under the stairs.We currently have the coolest and also most technologically progressed movable medieval armor display mannequin, wherein all joints space movable and also the mannequin adjusts come the armor size and is rather worthy to keep also antique museum exhibits, if you can uncover such in her armory.But occasionally you need something an ext traditional and also cheaperbut the mannequin adjusts come the ar...

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Mannequin stand

A mannequin for her armour is undoubtedly a really cool tool to have, however you need a decent assistance for it. And we have actually one - a mannequin was standing from steel Mastery in standart size 45x45 cm (17.7x17.7 in).And if you believed it was just a pedestal for a mannequin, you space sadly mistaken.It"s a masterpiece the joinery - the base is make of 24 mm (0.09) thick natural ash boards. Traditionally, us make the basic in the complying with sizes: 45x45 cm (17.7x17.7 in), 55x55 cm (21.7x21.7 in)and 65x65 cm (17.7x17.7 in) and the sheathe is made of glued ash boards with a thickness of 40 mm. However, that is possible to do the wooden base in any kind of size you choose. Any kind of whim is possible as a special o...



O Yoroi - Japanese samurai leather warrior armor

A samurai unarmoredis like a samurai armored,but just unarmored.Benkei’s dōmaru or Japanese samurai leather warrior armor set When eye at the spur of Fuji starts come melt, a wind is coming off the height picking broken petals the sakura. They room leave through the wind choose a pink blizzard to the lonely jaw on the rock. Timidly they are poignant domaru of ironclad and also proud-hearted lonely warrior monk, that stands and muses ~ above eternity. For this reason let united state tell you a couple of words about domaru armor, that dressed in.Stylish, comfortable and cross-functional armor because that anyone, that would prefer to acquire a feeling for rich culture of Japan and also feel like a samur...



Medieval armor display mannequin

Medieval armor screen mannequin, painting in any type of color at your choice and has actually reliable fastenings.That is your possibility to build from the an easy mannequin stand cool items at any kind of clothing and also armor. It is really straightforward to carry out it, simply use manual.And now step-by-step lets dress her Terminator!1. Resolve mannequin legs to mannequin stand(itis not had in the price.And girlfriend can select the size of the was standing in the options!) with the 4 longest bolts for this reason he cannot operation away. Just put bolts with the holes in legs and also fix them inside the mannequin standwith washer and wing nut.2. Placed the trousers on.3. Placed hips ~ above legs and fix them with p...




Armor set of Redanian security CaptainMeet Captain Felix Grubb – leader that the guard in ~ the Border article near the refugees Camp. The finest of the captain on safety law. Neither the monsters nor the nonhumans won’t permeate to the people of Redania once their peace protects together a warrior. Simply take a look in ~ his hefty armor collection - smart and protecting the captain as great as that protects Redania. We have gathered this image from the ideal medieval armor elements organically blending right into the harsh civilization of the Witcher.Let us start from his body security – middle ages breastplate with tassets. Girlfriend can uncover out in the Milanese style "Avant Armour" cuirass 1450-1485, shown in Kelvingrove Art...



Full knights armour because that interior

Knight armour kit because that interiorThis magnificent piece of the modern-day medieval armor art will adorn also the most innovative interior. The soldier armour made in the format of Italian master of the XIV century. Every part is completely handcrafted by our artisans. This armor is made by typical sizes, no by measurements. This full set of armor is no intended because that battles and also tournaments,it have the right to be supplied for show and also like decorative interior armor.This suit of armor has the following parts:Closed helmet armetPlate cuirass with tassetsPauldronsFull eight protectionGauntletsFull foot protectionSegmented sabatonsBase price contains following options...



German gothic complete plate armor

German Gothic armor kit, 15th centuryWe are sure, the German Gothic armor to be the many brutal chic armor type of all the times!This stole armour to be a knight’s fashion must-have in the divine Roman Empire during the XVth century. A an excellent variety the them friend can uncover in imperial Armouries Museum in ~ Leeds, the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in ~ Nuremberg, Tower the London and also put unique attention at the Cuirassier armor of duke Siegmund that Tyrol indigenous Kunsthistorisches Museum in ~ Vienna. Based on all these magnificent Gothic armors, our artisans developed our own fully handcrafted German full armor kit of the XV century.1470 - 1480 Nuremberg, Germany, Germanisches nationwide M...



Leather brigantine kit in format of 14th century

Leather brigandine kit in style of the 14th centuryWhen we are talking about perfect medieval leather armor of the XIV century, the is hard to offer decisive answer. What come choose? Simplicity, robustness and inelegant charm that Visby brigandine or certain elegance, progressiveness and also “almost-cuirass” shape of its partner from Chalkis. Every these retro-horizontal strips that Visby brigandine room so beautiful, yet it is quite difficult to close it on its own! However, knight animal leather armor native Chalkis is much more functional, however noble Don is no in mood because that “almost-cuirass” and also fastenings indigenous the front… So, just how to choose between Sweden Gotland and Greek Euboea, where were foun...



13 century European armour in color of the English imperial house

European armor collection of the XIII century in colours of the English imperial houseThis middle ages armour kit combines the most well-known parts of body protection of the XIII century. Brigandine was undoubtedly the most renowned armour in the XIV century. It to be a sort of shift stage from chain armor come full-plate armor. That special function was metal plates sewed or clinched to a fabric or animal leather foundation. The plates were attached on the inside. On the presented item of brigandine over there is a steel plate on the outside of the armor which chain going approximately the helmet. In this method additional security for the chest was sometimes created in the middle Ages. An exterior helmet – topfhelm was ...



Full-plate Gothic armor, XV century

Full Gothic armor collection of the 15th centuryFull Gothic armor set gained popularity in the finish of the XV century and was widespread as much as the XVII century. This middle ages times armor was specifically popular in germanic lands. Gothic armor was a action up for the eight masters in comparison through the Milanese one. New type of armor differed due to a variety of successful decisions. The segment of the version were smaller, however their number grew. This enhanced warrior’s movement, security of extremities’ point of bending and firmness that the key themselves. Bowl gauntlets, in this way, included a selection of assorted flexible segments.The surface ar of the armour was enhanced as well. Us...



Brigandine kit - 1

Brigandine armour kit – 1 the the 15th centuryThis brigandine kit is perfect armor for middle ages fencing or spear running. The kit is no 100% historically correct, however it"s ideal for reenactments of the early XV century. We tested that on the battle of countries 2013, wherein kit proved off the excellent level the protection. You deserve to see the first images the brigandine armour on the oriental miniatures. Such form of medieval body armorwas widespread amongst the warriors in the XI-XIV centuries. But in the end of the XIV century, it was forced out by complete armor suit, because of armorers" development.You can use this medieval suit of armor for:SCAHEMALarpStage perfo...



Armour that the XIV century in Churburg style

Churburg format armor set-1 of the XIV centuryArmour in Churburg format was named by an authentic medieval armor the is maintained in the lock of Churburg (South Tyrol in the phibìc of Italy) and also it belongs come the finish of XIV century. During this time on the territory of modern Italy the armour machines start to develop armour the full-plate shells (they would certainly be given the name of Milanese type).Later top top bascinet would certainly be the end of use giving way to armet and also barbute in Milanese armor. Security of neck and collarbone was permitted by chain mail aventail, which was attached to the helmet. Chest is covered with a collection of plates. The lower part of the stomach and also the groin are defended by letter ar...



Milan-style full plate armor 1450-1485 year

Full armor set of 1450-1485 year in Milanese styleMilan-style full armor collection is popular as "Avant Armour" and also is dated around 1450-1485 years. It to be crafted in Corio workshop, Milano, and also was belong to Fon Matsch, the owner that Churburg castle in 1450. Now this middle ages armor is in nearly perfect condition and also is presented in Kelvingrove arts Gallery and also Museum, Glazgo, Scotland.You have the right to use this armor for:SCAHEMALarpStage performancesMedieval festivalsReenactment eventsThe main functions of this stole armour are roundish cuirass v skirt and tassets and also the broad different-sized pauldrons. For better protection, a couter can be addressed to the left arm plate. W...



SCA full call fighter kit

SCA full contact fight kitThis kit is convenient, practical and compliant v the SCA security requirements. An excellent price and also simplicity make it a perfect an option for fighters, who make their first steps in the exciting people of medieval combat. To buy this kit, you acquire a high quality made-to-measure fighting gear, irradiate yet resilient enough come withstand any type of full contact fight.You can use this armor for:SCAHEMALarpStage performancesMedieval festivalsReenactment eventsThis made-to-measure battle armor is fully handcrafted by ours artisans.Body protection has the next parts:Helmet “Bascinet”Knightly mittensFull arm armorVisby br...



German complete plate armour for internal or non-battle actions, 15th century

Gothic full armor kit for non-battle actions of the XV centuryGothic armor is a German type of Milanese kind of complete armor set. It arised in the second half of the XV century. The armour was very widespread ~ above the territory of the central Europe. The fact that it to be worn by the holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I included the popularity to the armor. In the surname “Gothic” lies the likeness through the style of the time: increase trending and also oblongness that the forms.Compared to the initial Milanese predecessor, the Gothic armour had several significant improvements. The details to be smaller, i beg your pardon not just covered the human body better, but eased the movement of legs and also arms as well. The ...



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About medieval suits that armor

Suit that armor is a garment collection used by medieval warriors to defend themselves in battles. It showed up in the 14th century all over the Europe, reached its peak of usage and popularity throughout the 15th — 16th centuries and was going the end of use beginning from 17th century. Prior to the advancement of suits of armor, troops were making use of the chainmail-brigand sets because that maximizing the human body protection. However, the advance of metallurgy and also constantly progressing craftsmanship development resulted in the creation of the fit of armor. The manufacturing of medieval complete knight armor was the pinnacle the blacksmithing that required considerable skills, effort and cost, thus a middle ages armored suits were actually not just combat suits yet status products as well.

Types of full suits that armor

A good variety of armour suits varieties were created throughout the history of middle ages warriors’ apparel development. Yet few of them were much more popular and also famous climate the others:


Suits that armor parts

Suit that armor was a facility of armor parts merged to administer a exceptional warrior’s protection. Indigenous head come foot, it consists of:

Head armor — helmet, bevor or gorgetArms armor — shoulder and elbow armor, gauntlets/gloves, bracersBody armor — breastplate, metal skirt/tassetsLegs armor — cuisses, poleyns/knee caps, greaves and sabatons

Let us additionally remind you about such important aspects as gambesons and other underarmor. Utilizing this whole metallic splendor will certainly be much more comfortable through them. If you do not have one, stole Mastery is happy and ready to carry out you a wide range of comfortable, high-quality gambesons that your brand-new suit of armor fits perfect on.

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In addition, in situation you currently own a full suit armor, but would prefer to change some outworn or damaged elements, we will gladly aid you to replenish your suit to its best. Visit our head armor, eight armor, hand armor, body armor, leg armor and foot armor pages to find the elements you desire or contact us directly via email

Why complete suits of armor by steel Mastery?

When friend buy armor suit from stole Mastery, you obtain such cool benefits as:

Great selection of hand-crafted medieval suits the armor, make by greatest standards from brutal IMCF/HMB to noble HEMA, suits from games and movies armors embodiment come gorgeous replicas of real royal suits the armourAbility to very own your personal custom actual armor suit, make by our blacksmiths follow to your individual parameters. You have the right to order an armour suit of any style and also country, made of steel or titanium of any kind of thickness, a wide selection of last treatment and also polishing variants, decorations through etching, brass strips or paintingExcellent quality, maximum protection, identified mobility and also convenienceNot just suits of armour, however precious legacy, your descendants will have the ability to ownWork of very qualified blacksmiths, who choose traditional armoury together their passion in life and vocation

If girlfriend have any type of questions, please call us via email and also we will certainly be happy to administer any advice and also assistance you need in selecting the type, materials, decorations etc. For her suit the armor.