The mean weight that acoustic guitars deserve to vary from 0.9 to 4.5kg. The variation in the load of acoustic guitars is because of the influence of countless factors.

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In terms of their size, there are 3 varieties of acoustic guitars: consistent size, full-scale travel, and mini acoustic guitars. 

Weight of continuous size acoustic guitars

Regular size is the many common form of acoustic guitar. The typical weight of this type is from 0.9 come 2.7kg relying on each subtype as follow:

Traveler guitars: choose their name, traveler guitars have actually a little size enabling you to carry them everywhere. The load of traveler guitars is usually much less than 1kg.Parlor and also tenor guitars: They room also small guitars with an mean weight the 0.9kg. Regardless of the tiny size, their price is much higher than other regular guitars. Especially, tenor guitars have actually only 4 strings that CDGA rather of 6 strings together normal.Concert and also Grand Concert guitars: These 2 guitars don’t have actually much distinction from every other. Your weight is between 1.3 to 2.2kg.Auditorium and also Grand Auditorium guitars: this guitars have the most usual size through the load of 1.8 come 2.2kgDreadnought guitars: They have actually a much bigger body 보다 Auditorium guitars. They can weigh around 2.2 to 2.7kgJumbo and also Grand Jumbo guitars: The best guitars of continual size through a weight of end 2.7kg

Weight the full-scale travel guitars

Full-scale take trip guitars are larger than regular size guitars. This size makes them easier to carry and also store.

So, friend can lug a full-scale travel guitar while travel as lot as girlfriend like. Full-scale take trip guitars have the right to weigh about 2.25 come 4.5kg

Weight the mini acoustic guitars

Mini acoustic guitars usually have a total length that 78cm of which the scale’s size is 48cm. Their typical weight is about 0.9kg or less depending upon the materials used.

Some mini acoustic guitars deserve to be longer and heavier. However their dimension will not exceed 101cm in length and also 2.2kg in weight.

Besides the difference in sizes, the wood provided is a element influencing the guitar’s weight. World commonly use maple, rosewood, and also mahogany to do acoustic guitars. The various densities of this woods affect the load of a guitar.

Moreover, the hardware and pickup additionally contribute a small part to the weight variation of an acoustic guitar.

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Final words

We hope that after analysis this article, you space clear about the load of one acoustic guitar. Besides, the weights of different guitar types are not the same.

There are likewise many determinants affecting the guitar’s weight. Friend can think about this before buying an acoustic guitar. Great you had your desired guitar!

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