Dean Ambrose rapid Info
Height6 ft 4 in
Weight102 kg
Date that BirthDecember 7, 1985
Zodiac SignSagittarius
SpouseRenee Young

Over the years, Dean Ambrose has developed himself as one of the significant stars that WWE. He started his wrestling career in 2004 in the independent circuit under the ring name, Jon Moxley. Over the course of his successful career, he has managed to earn several high profile titles consisting of WWE world Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and Raw sign Team Champion.

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that has also earned avenues to headline miscellaneous high profile pay-per-view occasions for people Wrestling to chat (WWE).

Born Name

Jonathan David Good

Nick Name

Dean Ambrose, Jon Moxley, Jonathan Moxley, Moxley Moxx, The maniac Fringe, Street Dog

Dean Ambrose was standing by the ring in July 2013 (Krystal Bogner / Flickr / CC through 2.0)

Dean Ambrose Facts

He spent much of his childhood in the rough ar of Cincinnati’s East End, life in windy housing.During his childhood years, wrestling offered as an ideal way to escape native his stormy life and conditions. He offered to invest a many time city hall wrestling videos and also reading articles around wrestling.In his teens, he started working at the Heartland wrestling Association (HWA) because that Les Thatcher. He offered to set up the ring and sell popcorns.He began his skilled wrestling training at the age of 18 as it was Thatcher’s condition that the would just train Ambrose after he turned 18. In ~ HWA, the was additionally trained by Cody Hawk.In 2007, Dean formed a tags team with his previous trainer, Cody Hawk, and also they won the HWA tag Team Championship in June 2017 by overcoming Tack and also Tarek the Legend.In April 2011, it to be announced that Ambrose had inked a developmental contract with World rings Entertainment (WWE).However, he had operated for WWE for 5 years prior to he signed a resolve the company.

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He had tag teamed with Brad attitude in a match, against MNM, i m sorry was recorded for the TV program, Velocity.Immediately after ~ signing the contract, WWE chose to relocate him to developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) to polishing his wrestling and also in-ring skills.In 2014, the Pro rings Illustrated readers claimed him the Most well-known Wrestler of the Year ~ taking component in an online poll. They again vested him with the very same title the complying with year.

Featured image by Miguel Discart / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0