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Before Irfan Ali opened up his first Seva in a Walmart store, the was currently tapped right into the retail chain: he operated for Walmart together an assistant save manager. Once Ali, who immigrated to the U.S. From Pakistan once he was 16, learned that as a Seva franchisee he would have actually the chance to open up in Walmart locations, he was hooked. Today, he has three Seva places – all within of Walmart stores – and three an ext studios on the way. Here"s what he has learned.

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Name: Irfan Ali

Franchise owned: I own and operate a total of 3 Seva studios, and also I am in the procedure of emerging three more. Two of the studios at this time operating space in Bakersfield, Calif. And one is in Torrance, Calif. In the Los Angeles area. Every three places are located within Walmart stores. The three studios ns am emerging now will open up in the Bakersfield, Calif. Area.

Some lift on Seva: Seva uses a remarkable line of spa services, consisting of high-quality eyebrow threading, waxing, eyelash extensions and facials in ~ an affordable price. Giving clients treatments in a fast casual manner, the convenience of Seva comes without shedding the feel of a classic spa. Currently, over there are more than 100 Seva locations open or in breakthrough in the joined States, with hundreds more planned to open nationwide in the comes years.

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How long have actually you own a franchise?

Seva is my very first franchise investment. I signed the commitment to open up my first Seva studio in august 2011, three and fifty percent years ago. I opened my very first Seva studio three months later on in November 2011 in Bakersfield, Calif. Specifically two years later, in November 2013, I opened up two much more Seva studios, my 2nd in Bakersfield and very first in Los Angeles (Torrance).

Why franchising?

Usually when world talk around why they invest in a franchise they to speak they’ve done it due to the fact that it is a safe service play. While there is a specific amount that risk, the hazard is much much less than going out on your own as one independent since the brand is already established, over there is a proven organization model, and also all the groundwork has been established. So, it’s a minimum initiative for the layman person.

I likewise have few of these clues in my mind, yet the main reason i went through franchising to be my vision of walk big.

My wife has actually experience in the beauty industry and also I have actually an attention in fashion. These 2 facts, blended with the chance to open our Seva studios within of Walmart stores, the world"s biggest retailer, were a strong combination. I knew the if Seva would click with consumers, which plainly it has, i would have the ability to make my note as the owner that Seva studios locally, nationally and possibly internationally. The sky is the limit v Seva.

What were you doing before you came to be a franchise owner?

I was functioning for Walmart at a Super center as an assistant keep manager, overseeing roughly 500 employees. I heard about Seva v a tv commercial and also researched it extensively as I sought the possibility to invest in the franchise.

Why did you select this certain franchise?

I wanted to invest in Seva because my personal values align closely with the brand’s core values of honesty, loyalty and skill. As soon as I very first invested in Seva, the brand was in its franchising infancy stage, yet its investment portfolio was very impressive. I invested a the majority of time talk to Vas Maniatis, the founder and also CEO of Seva, and he was able to convey how established the brand was to make an affect in the unified States. The was evident that the was extremely confident around the Seva model and also I feeling the same way. I could see Seva’s foundation was very strong with concrete pillars in the shape of their core values. Because that me, it to be a perfect marriage.

Additionally, Seva’s support device impressed me from the beginning. The headquarters team is always behind me v marketing and also operations support that offers me an ext confidence and brand strength.

How lot would you estimate you spent before you were officially open up for business?

I invest a complete of about $100,000.

The franchise fee was $ 25,000The Walmart entrance fee was $10,000The build-out and opening prices were $65,000 (construction, furniture, equipment, inventory, advertising and training)

Where go you gain most of your advice/do most of her research?

Our lull level v Seva was high from the beginning. To be honest, the trust came initially from a gut feeling. Mine wife, who is closely connected in running the business with me, and I believed Seva was the ideal path for united state personally and also professionally. Plus, we have complete confidence in ourselves and our ability to work-related together. When we launched our an initial location we invested our entirety savings, but we to be there for each other.

Additionally, as soon as we learned that Seva had a strong relationship through Walmart, we knew instantly the the brand had track document of success together an upstanding, highly effective concept. For all of these reasons, i was not scared to leave my steady job.

Initially, my wife functioned our Seva studio complete time and also I helped with governmental work in the an initial year. In our 2nd year, we made decision to go big and ns left mine job. At the moment, we made the decision to open up two more studios. Now, we’re in the procedure of arising three an ext studios in the Bakersfield, Calif. Area.

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What were the most unexpected difficulties of opening your franchise?

The biggest difficulty was the a lot of of human being were not familiar with our niche, i beg your pardon is threading, and also many that our solutions were brand-new to many people. However, being in Walmart, that was straightforward for consumer to come in and see what us were doing.

We invested a most time training our employees and also needed to spend a many time teaching customers and potential customers around our services, and also how they are different and more effective than other competing services.

What advice do you have for individuals who want to very own their own franchise?

My finest piece that advice is keep your confidence and self esteem. If you believe you have the right to do it, friend will do it.

If you room investing in a franchise, make sure you do thorough study to uncover the perfect match. Listen to your heart, however only as soon as your mental is encouraged as well. Investing in a franchise is like a marriage -- an expertise partner in life. The perfect franchise will have actually systems in location to help, protect and stand behind girlfriend in thick and thin.

What’s following for you and also your business?

I just signed a multi-unit agreement for three more locations. An additional goal of ours is to twin our yearly sales and reach a million dollars in sales by the finish of 2016.

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We additionally want to be sure to have actually the ideal employees in place. Out of our sixteen employees, ripe of castle have worked with us because day one. I have actually invested in mine employees’ advance and they have been loyal to us. Now, ns want expand here since consumers throughout the an ar now understand the brand. 

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