Your phone is too slow, and you notice that some of the apps are mysteriously disappearing or behaving strangely. Could it be a virus or your system's too corrupted for a simple overhaul through the resetting process? These are disheartening instances that phone users usually encounter. The solution is simple and straightforward – phone flashing. If you thought the phone flashing endeavor was for the tech-geeks alone, you are wrong. You can easily learn how to flash a phone and return it to its factory setting with the right tools and, of course, the appropriate firmware download.

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How to flash a phone manually

Developers built the Android operating system with the capability of customization. Have you ever heard of AOSP (Android Open-Source Project)? It is a website with information and source code to help create custom variants of the Android OS. Therefore, it is easy playing around with your Android device, and flashing is no big deal.

However, beware of the numerous methods out there on how to flash a phone that is locked. Not all work and, if done incorrectly, you might brick yours and render it useless.

Fortunately for you, the following processes have been tried and tested and if you are wondering how to flash a Samsung phone, better start with the steps mentioned below. The method is pretty streamlined, and there is no risk of destroying your phone.

Step 1: Backup your phone’s data


Since the flashing process permanently erases all your phone’s data, it is a good idea to back up your phone’s information. You can do this on a, cloud, or an SD card with the appropriate storage space. That is why you need to learn how to flash a phone using pc to hack the backup process.


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The backing up process relies upon your Android phone model, so it is integral that you tweak based on your unique circumstances. If you are backing up on the cloud using your Google Account, you will have to access your phone settings and initiate the backup. The great thing about the cloud backup is that you can save all your text messages and call logs.

If you do not want to spend ages backing up to the cloud, you transfer video, audio, pictures, app data, and anything else to your You can also find backup applications from the Google Play Store that will help in the saving process.

Step 2: Unlock bootloader/ root your phone

The screen of a phone"s unlocked bootloader. Photo:

The only way that you can flash your phone is after unlocking the bootloader. The bootloader is similar to your's BIOS. By default, all android devices ship with locked bootloaders that prevent users from flashing. How do you unlock the bootloader?


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Of course, it varies with the phone model; however, there's a yellowcomic.command that works with most phones. The fastboot flashing unlock yellowcomic.command after putting your phone in flash mode works on most models. You have to connect your phone to a and use the yellowcomic.command prompt interface.

Certain phones will require an unlock code for unlocking the bootloader. For this, you ought to head to the manufacturer's website and request the code. It is important to note that some phones are bootloader unlockable and require more sophisticated techniques to remove the lock.

Step 3: Download custom ROM

kalhhSource: UGC

The custom ROM download process is the simplest for those wondering how to flash a phone without a Custom ROMS are one of the greatest benefits of using Android.

If you are bored with your phone's interface, you can flash the custom ROM and enjoy the improved performance. Best of all, you can always revert to the original firmware if you get bored or problems arise. How do you download the firmware to flash on your phone?


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If you are wondering how to flash an Android phone by yourself, you are likely unaware of the safe ROM and firmware sources. Certain manufacturers like Sony, have availed an online database of their phone’s firmware that any phone owner can access using the right tools. Other models have provided the same platforms as well and tools to download their software.

However, if you are interested in a custom ROM, you can access the right XDA Developer’s forum and download the right one from your device. Ascertain that it is yellowcomic.compatible with your phone’s model by checking the back of your phone. Once downloaded, save it on your SD card.

Step 4: Boot phone into recovery mode

Although this varies with different phone models, hold volume down + power button to boot into recovery mode. If your phone doesn’t boot into recovery mode, it probably requires a different yellowcomic.combination, and you can find that out from the manufacturer’s website.

The action will open the bootloader screen that has various options. Use the power button to select and enter recovery. This is one of the trickiest parts for people looking into how to flash a phone. You do not have to worry about other options, but the recovery mode only.

Step 5: Flashing ROM to your android phone

hanierianiSource: Getty Images

The recovery mode possesses various options as well. Don't be confused; you only need to concentrate on the install button. You will notice the wipe, install, settings, backup, and many more. Remember, any wrong move could mess up your phone. Therefore, be extra careful when on the recovery page.

Use the volume up and down button to navigate to the install button and select it with the power button when ready. The next screen will require you to choose the firmware source you want to flash on the phone.

Since you saved the firmware on your SD card, choose the option "Install zip from SD card" and yellowcomic.commence the flashing process. If all goes successfully, your phone will reboot with the new software installed.

And that is how to flash phone with code or one having any other major problem that doesn't get solved with the simple resetting procedure.

What does it mean when a phone needs to be flashed?

People flash phones for numerous reasons. A phone might require flashing when it is stuck, bricked, dead, or has locked issues. These instances mean that you cannot either use your phone properly or cannot access it at all. The flashing process installs a new ROM on top of the one that came from the manufacture.

The above steps provide great insight on how to flash a phone. Therefore, don't waste your money going for a new phone when yours is experiencing slight software problems easily fixable through flashing.

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