I have a bunch for sale however I wonder if probably I price them as well high? Or maybe the size I have actually are also small? I have sold bigger size pretty quickly, but I have actually a bunch the 29’s the have acquired no offers. What do you price your miss Me jeans at? exactly how long does the take because that them come go?


I’m curious too, they’ve been the end of style in my area for awhile so i think I could buy lock cheap in thrift stores and also resell them.

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My thrift stores offer them for $10. Plato’s closet around the very same price. I have bought a couple of that watch brand new from Plato’s closet. One through all the tags still on for $20. But it’s hard to do a great profit on castle if you market for also low. That’s why ns wondering if it is why all the people I check out on afternoon are listed so high. I don’t know if it’s better to wait for the ideal buyer to pay the high price or to sell them cheap quickly. Maybe as soon as school starts back up there will certainly be more buyers.

I think the the season. I’ve marketed 8 pair of jeans this month but I think it will absolutely pick increase in the fall.

A many sellers it seems to be ~ happy to take it lowball supplies on jeans appropriate now. I’m no entertaining those until the fall.

Really? Wow. I discover myself trying to find them when out thrifting since I think lock gorgeous, but most that the ones I find are too small for me.

I offered a few pairs for approximately $50 but it took a an extremely long time to sell. They sat for a long time until someone lastly swooped in and bought them!

maybe experiment with lower the price ~ above a couple of of the 29s and see what distinction it makes. Imo 29 is not all that small. It's favor an 8, right?

Yes, 8/9. I have mostly every little thing priced at $45 and usually market them because that $35, but I see people pricing them really high. I don’t want to go to short or have actually my prices as well high either. Perhaps I am just an impatient seller. Lol.

35 offer for 25- but better style/bigger dimension I’d go up to 40 maybe. Sell for 30-18 lots of 25. Lock haven’t been offering as much because spring however were pretty fast sales in fall/winter. I’m just picking them increase for much less than $6. Hope the 5-10 pair I have right currently will sell

I worked at Dillard’s (nice but not at sight high finish southern room store) in college in between 2005-2008. Miss out on Me had actually just launched and we every got cost-free jeans to wear to promote the brand. Ns remember the whole Juniors room being much less than thrilled v the quantity of bedazzled butt pockets and whiskering going on.

Customers didn’t choose them, either. We finished up noting them come 75% off and also still had a ton of list left.

And this was once Ed Hardy to be locked in a case since it to be our most expensive/shoplifted casual stay brand!

BUT, I carry out see lock selling prefer crazy now on PM. It can not be attributed to the whole 90s redux trend. They’re not old enough to it is in vintage. They aren’t an unflattering challenge, prefer the models that wear mommy Jeans come prove castle can.

I wish I might find mine gratis pair and price them at $5 because that the buyer can tell me what castle like about them.

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