The need typically arises in ours shops to estimate the weight of steel, whether as a component of quoting, to estimate just how much steel might be needed provided a particular length the part, or to decision how hefty the bar is the we are loading into the devices for safety and security purposes. Counting bars in a bundle and multiplying by weight per bar allows a rapid “reality check” on whether or not the tag weight is correct, or how much load is left in the rack.

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Steel weighs 0.2833 lb per cubic inch. To gain the load of a steel bar, we need to calculate its volume in cubic inches.

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To calculate the volume, we require to first calculate the area in square inch of the section, climate multiply through its length.

Square or level Bar

To find the area that a square or level bar, multiply the width by the thickness. Climate multiply that by the length (in inches) to calculate the volume, then multiply the volume by 0.2833 pound per cubic inch.

Example: 1-inch square steel bar 12 feet (144 inches) long.1 customs × 1 inch × 144 inch = 144 cubic inch ; times 0.2833 pounds per cubic customs = 40.97 pounds

Example: ½ inch × 2 inch level 10 feet (120 inches) long.½ customs × 2 inches × 120 inches = 120 cubic inches; times 0.2833 lb per cubic inch = 33.99 pounds

Round Bar

To discover the area of a round bar, square the diameter and also multiply by 0.7854. Main point this by the size to calculation the volume.

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Example: 1-inch ring by 12 feet lengthy steel bar.1 inch × 1 customs × 0.7854 = 0.7854 square inch × 144 inches = 113.09 cubic inches; × 0.2833 lb per cubic inch = 32.04 pounds every bar

Weight that bars left in a bundle: If there space 75, 1-inch round 12 feet long bars left in a bundle, the load of the continuing to be steel is 75 bars times 32.04 pounds every bar = 2,403 pounds

Example: ¾-inch round by 4 feet (48 inches) lengthy steel bar.0.750 customs × 0.750 customs × 0.7854 × 48 inch = 21.21 cubic inches; × 0.2833 pound per cubic inch = 6.00 pounds

Hex Bar

To discover the area the a hex, an initial square the flat-to-flat distance, climate multiply that by 0.866. Then multiply by length in inches to gain the volume. Then multiply by 0.2833 pounds every cubic inch to get the pounds.

Example: 1-inch hex stole bar, 12 feet (144 inches) long.1 customs × 1 inch × 0.866 × 144 customs × 0.2833 lb per cubic customs = 35.33 pounds

Example 1.5-inch hex bar 3-inch long empty for chucker.1.5 customs × 1.5 inches × 0.866 × 3 customs × 0.2833 pounds per cubic customs = 1.93 pounds every 3-inch blank