Bathroom fan electrical energy use is figured out by the wattage—and most fans space in the 10-50 watt range.

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The energy use of toilet exhaust fans is measure in watts. The wattage of an appliance is a measure of the total flow that electricity. A higher watt restroom fan method that the uses much more electricity and also will cost more to use.

In general, bathroom exhaust pan wattage can variety anywhere native a low of 10-watts and also to a high the 100-watts. If the restroom fan has actually a heater however, the full wattage deserve to exceed 1400-watts.

Continuous Use?

Homeowners should keep in mind the bathroom fans aren"t meant to be supplied continuously 24-hours a day. The is vital to rotate exhaust fans off once not in use, however they should be on for at least 20-minutes after a shower head in order to remove all of the moisture.

Bath exhaust fans have the right to be controlled with countdown timers, humidity sensors, and also even movement sensors so that they will immediately turn on or off—saving energy.

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How To determine Bathroom Fan power Cost?

If girlfriend would prefer to recognize the annual cost if your bathroom fan is run continuously for a whole year, that is a an easy calculation.

The very first step is to determine the wattage of her bathroom pan at its maximum speed or CFM. You deserve to also add the max wattage if it has a heater or various other extra features.

Once you have figured out the maximum wattage, you will have to divide this number through 1000 in stimulate to revolve watts into kilo-watts (kW).

1. Bathroom fan Wattage / 1000 = kilo-watts (kW)

If the bathroom fan is 50-watts, climate the kWh will be 0.050-kWh.

Once you have the kilo-watts figure, girlfriend will should multiply this number through your expense per kilo-watt-hour in your local area. The national mean price of electrical power per kilo-watt-hour is about ten cent or $0.10 kWh.

2. Bathroom pan Kilo-Watts (kW) X $0.10-kWh = Bathroom fan kWh Cost

So multiplying 0.050-kWh by $0.10-kWh will provide you $0.005-kWh.

And there are 8760 hours in a totality year, therefore 8760-hours multiply by $0.005-kWh offers you $43.80 annual cost.

3. Bathroom fan kWh cost X 8760 hrs = yearly Cost

Again, store in mind the this is because that the constant 24/7 usage of a bathroom fan, i beg your pardon is nearly never done. Because that a much more realistic number, you have the right to estimate the variety of hours per day the bathroom fan will certainly run, and multiply it by 365 days.

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What Is The electricity Use Of popular Bathroom Fans?

Here is a table the the price of several of the most renowned bathroom exhaust pan on the market...