Being among the more recent Indian Head Pennies produced, the 1896 edition is not virtually as scarce as several of its earlier counterparts. V that gift said, collectors who are constantly top top the hunt for coins in pristine condition will discover that uncovering a well-preserved 1896 Indian Head is no such a basic task.

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Despite being fine over 100 year old, the 1896 Indian Head coin is one execution that observed a the majority of coins endure the years. Due to the fact that they were very heavily circulated, however, the problem of the piece is never ever a guarantee.

Grading the 1896 Indian Head Penny

For collectors, a coin’s grade method absolutely everything. Realistically, the class of the coin is nothing an ext than an official assessment of the coin’s condition. Typically, in order to obtain a coin graded that is forced that you mail it far to a skilled grading company; a process that deserve to take main on end and be an extremely expensive.

For those who might not require to have a coin graded, however would just like come know much more about the grades and also what castle mean, the specifications listed below can take it you a lengthy way.

Uncirculated: If you have an Uncirculated 1896 Indian Head coin you room in possession of a coin that was never ever used come buy goods or pay for anything. Instead, shortly after being minted the coin was preserved and also kept from the wear and also tear connected with the everyday exchange of hands coins normally undergo. Personal from few of the luster fading, these coins room in good shape and also have no scratching or chipping.

Extremely Fine: very Fine Indian Head coin will show some indications of wear, however for the most component will show up to it is in pristine. This coins saw only a very restricted amount the time in circulation so, apart from some minor scratching, you will certainly not notification anything majorly wrong with the coin. The imagery and also texture will certainly be wholly intact.

Fine: A coin deserving of a fine grade is one that experienced a an excellent bit the time gift exchanged. This coins will show a an excellent amount of scratching as seen in the wear ~ above the imagery and inscriptions. Regardless of some decent signs of wear, this coins are still reasonably attractive and also will have actually retained at the very least some that the initial texture.

Good: This class is given to the Indian heads that experienced the many time in circulation. These coins will show ample signs of wear and tear, consisting of scratching, chipping, and anything else you deserve to think of. Since so countless 1896 Indian Head Pennies were minted, those graded an excellent are not all that difficult to find.

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Pricing the 1896 Indian Head Penny

For any Indian Head, the process of pricing the coin is as straightforward as looking at the condition/checking the grade. Naturally, the collector is ready to salary a much greater price because that a well-preserved coin 보다 he or she is because that one the is in pretty unstable shape. Fortunately, numerous 1896 Indian Heads endured the years, meaning that even well-preserved pieces will certainly not rest the bank. The chart below offers increase the mean price 1896 Indian top will market for throughout different grades.


1896 Indian Head Penny

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