Jerry Rice soccer cards indigenous the 1980s came around as close come crossing into baseball-card-hype territory as any kind of football worry ever has.

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There’s a an excellent reason for that, as well … Rice is the greatest wide receiver to ever before lace up a pair of cleat in The League.

A trio the Super bowl rings and a bust in Canton nothing hurt Rice’s cardboard cause, either, and he remains a hobby gigantic today.


Like most modern-day players, though, Rice is featured top top so many cards the it would certainly be pretty much impossible to run with them every in one place.

Instead, let’s take it a stroll with the early years with an up-close look in ~ the first ten Jerry Rice football cards, all issued in 1986 and 1987.

1986 Mcdonalds 49ers Jerry Rice Rookie map (#80)

Though Rice to be a first-round choose in the 1985 NFL Draft, he no hit the scene v a ton that hype.

And the spent many of his rookie season as a back-up, play in all 16 games but starting just four. That still finished 2nd on the team in receiving yards (927), though, to i get it Craig (who was truly a beast v 2000+ yards indigenous scrimmage).

That was all great enough come land Rice a slot in the 1986 McDonald’s 49ers set, issued in san Francisco-area golden Arches throughout a four-week period. Every card have the right to be uncovered with one of four colored “Play & Win” tabs along the bottom — black, orange, blue, green.

Given the timing of that is release, this deserve to rightly be thought about a Jerry Rice rookie card.

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1986 Topps Jerry Rice Rookie map (#161)

Of course, this is the Jerry Rice rookie card … the one that set the hobby on fire in the so late 1980s and also helped pull football cards right into the limelight.

As Rice put up amazing season after exceptional season and took early on aim top top the room of Fame, collectors flocked to his cards — especially this one.

While teammate Joe Montana had sparked understand commotion through his 1981 Topps RC, Rice was the an initial football male with a first card issued in the heart of the rookie map craze to really catch our imaginations.

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1987 49ers Ace reality Pack Jerry Rice

The Ace reality Pack was issued together a bubble-pack set of 33 cards celebrating 49ers players, lore, and stats.

With rounded borders and also patterned backs, the issue resembles playing cards, and also the Rice piece features the young superstar law what that did finest — catching and running.

These are difficult cards to find, specifically individually, however complete set sometimes display up because that a few hundred bucks.

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1987 Topps Jerry Rice All-Pro (#115)

In 1986, when his rookie cards were hitting collections throughout the land, Rice to be busy placing together his first of ten All-Pro seasons.

He additionally led the NFL in catching yards (1570) and touchdowns (15) together he began building his insurance claim to the title of “Greatest recipient Ever.”

This 1987 Topps Rice map celebrates every that and also is still popular with collectors today.

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1987 Topps Rice/Christensen Receiving leaders (#228)

We don’t commonly pay lot attention to who leads each conference in various statistical categories, but Topps certain did.

That’s why we acquire this map of not just Rice, that paced the NFC with 86 catches, but Raiders tight end and also fullback Todd Christensen, who led the AFC and the NFL with 95 grabs.

Christensen would go on come a career as a color analyst v ESPN, but it’s Rice that carries this card.

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1987 Topps 1000 Yard club Jerry Rice (#2)

These glossy cards to be issued one every wax pack as inserts in Topps’ 1987 basic set. In all, there were 24 cards in this set, one for each of the 1000-yard males in the organization — eight running backs and also 16 receivers.

As the game’s optimal yard-gainer in the air, Rice landed at #2 in this set, behind Eric Dickerson that the Rams, who ran because that 1821 yards

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1987 Topps American/Uk Jerry Rice (#30)

In 1987, Topps created an 88-card boxed set for circulation in the joined Kingdom. The cards had 75 solitary players, a checklist, and 12 “team action” cards whose backs fit together to kind a puzzle of wilhelm Perry (The Refrigerator).

Each map is a little bit smaller 보다 its American counterpart, at 2 1/8″ x 3″, and features a team logo design on the front that’s no there top top the basic issue.

Otherwise, the UK cards look the same to their much more common counterparts indigenous the front, though you do acquire a “Talking Football” ar on the back.

All in all, this is a great-looking second-year card of Rice the carries with it a little of scarcity.

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1987 Topps box Bottoms Jerry Rice (#K)

This to be the heyday that Topps trying to squeeze cards in anywhere they could and also encourage collectors come buy in bulk.

One that those tactics was including special four-card panels ~ above the bottoms of wax boxes, v 16 cards in all.

Like every one of the cards in this set, Rice is “numbered” v a letter (K) and also features yellow borders. It also shows Rice getting ready to pass the ball in what looks to be the next frame after the shot from his basic card.

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1987 Topps stickers Jerry Rice (#61)

This was a pretty typical Topps sticker issue, with 173 “cards” measuring 2 1/8″ x 3″.

Some the the cards showed just one player, part two, because that a full of 281 different stickers in the set.

This one is a solo shooting of Rice, and also it’s more scarce than the base 1987 Topps problem … specifically in high grades.

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1987 Topps stickers Rice #140/Tippett #154

And this one is a dual treat — Rice teamed v Patriots legend and also fellow room of Famer Andre Tippett on silver paper All-Pro stickers.

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Lots of football talent squeezed right into one small rectangle.

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Lot the 2 Jerry Rice football Cards...2 pretty Inserts
14) Jerry Rice soccer cards SF 49"ers 1990s Pinnacle Fleer UD Topps ProSet
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Jerry Rice soccer Cards
14) Jerry Rice football cards SF 49"ers 1990s Pinnacle Fleer UD Topps ProSet



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