Growing up as a child in Indiana in the so late 80"s, ns remember the 1984 Topps john Elway rookie card wasn"t too renowned in the area.

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Fans were still ticked off that he"d dodged Indy come play for the Denver Broncos.

But Elway went on to an impressive career in Denver anyway.

And nowadays hisrookie map is incredibly popular with collectors everywhere. Nine pro Bowls and two at sight Bowls goes a long means in an increasing your popularity.

Elway"s rookie isnot among the most valuable football cards but itis a vital to the 1984 Topps set and one of the most popular football cards in the hobby.

That said, below is a an extensive guide the covers the vital things you must know before you buy.


Reverse Side:The turning back side of the map is published with a horizontal layout and also features Elway"s an individual information and passing/rushing stats from the 1983 season. The lime environment-friendly coloration scheme provides it a bit tough to review the #63 in the top left that noted Elway"s place in the set. Topps also mentions his success as a standout at Stanford and also brief insignificant in the brand-new York Yankees Minor organization baseball system.


Condition Issues:The card can sometimes be off-centered and the corners can be a bit prone to mirroring wear easily.

John Elway Rookie map Value

The first thing most collectors asking is: exactly how much is a man Elwayrookie map worth?

You could be surprised.

Most understand that sports cards native the 1980"s aren"t precious as lot as enlarge vintage cards.

Heavy distribution meant that many were printed andtheir values plummeted together a result.

But also though it"s relatively easy to find, some have the right to still go for top dollar if they"re in mint or pristine condition.

Professional grading is the easiest method to help judge a card"s value and also Professional sports Authenticators (PSA) room usually believed to be the benchmark in that industry.

According to the PSA SMR existing market values are:

PSA 10 GEM MINT: $3,750

PSA 9 MINT: $270

PSA 8 NM-MT: $50

John Elway"s Legacy

John Elway was among the biggest quarterbacks to ever play the game.

He didn"t placed up the jaw-dropping stats that today"s quarterbacks do but remember he played in a different era under various rules.

Elway played in one era that was no as pass-heavy together today.

In complete he invested 16 seasons in the league and put up 51,475 yards and 300 touchdowns. He likewise earned 9 pro Bowl trips and also won 2 at sight Bowls.

He to be most well known for his capability to manage a game and comeback indigenous behind come win. In all, he had actually 47 4th quarter comeback victories.

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He to be inducted right into the NFL hall of reputation in 2004 in his an initial year of eligibility.

updated January 31, 2021

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