Growing up as a boy in Indiana in the late 80"s, I remember the 1984 Topps John Elmeans rookie card wasn"t as well renowned in the area.

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Fans were still ticked off that he"d dodged Indy to play for the Denver Broncos.

But Elmethod went on to an exceptional career in Denver anymeans.

And nowadays hisrookie card is very renowned via collectors anywhere. Nine Pro Bowls and also two Super Bowls goes a long way in raising your popularity.

Elway"s rookie isnot among the most helpful footround cards yet itis an essential to the 1984 Topps collection and also among the many popular football cards in the hobby.

That shelp, below is a comprehensive guide that covers the crucial things you must know before you buy.


Reverse Side:The reverse side of the card is printed via a horizontal layout and also attributes Elway"s individual information and passing/rushing stats from the 1983 seachild. The lime green coloration scheme provides it a little challenging to read the #63 in the top left that provided Elway"s position in the set. Topps likewise mentions his accomplishments as a standout at Stanford and also brief stint in the New York Yankees Minor Organization baseball system.


Condition Issues:The card can sometimes be off-focused and the corners have the right to be a little bit at risk to showing wear easily.

John Elmeans Rookie Card Value

The initially point many collectors ask is: exactly how much is a John Elwayrookie card worth?

You can be surprised.

Most know that sports cards from the 1980"s aren"t worth as a lot as older vintage cards.

Heavy circulation supposed that many were published andtheir values plummeted as a result.

But also though it"s fairly straightforward to uncover, some deserve to still go for top dollar if they"re in mint or pristine problem.

Professional grading is the simplest way to aid judge a card"s value and Professional Sports Authenticators (PSA) are typically thmust be the benchnote in that market.

According to the PSA SMR present sector worths are:

PSA 10 GEM MINT: $3,750

PSA 9 MINT: $270

PSA 8 NM-MT: $50

John Elway"s Legacy

John Elmethod was among the best quarterbacks to ever play the game.

He didn"t put up the jaw-dropping stats that today"s quarterbacks perform yet remember he played in a various era under various rules.

Elmethod played in a period that was not as pass-heavy as this particular day.

In complete he invested 16 periods in the league and also put up 51,475 yards and also 300 touchdowns. He also earned 9 Pro Bowl trips and won 2 Super Bowls.

He was the majority of famed for his ability to regulate a game and comeago from behind to win. In all, he had 47 fourth quarter comeago victories.

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He was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2004 in his initially year of eligibility.

Updated January 31, 2021

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