Interested in a Jose Canseco rookie card? You’ve come to the best place! We have actually 5 in mind that you can still be choose up because that a fairly reasonable price (a pair of which seem extremely reasonable). So buckle up and let’s obtain started!

Jose Canseco’s impact on the Game

As girlfriend know, we’ve already discussed what Mark McGwire rookie map options space out there. Yet what around the other Bash Bro? A look at one of the biggest baseball villains to ever before step foot ~ above the field is far overdue! but first, let’s discover out an ext about what Jose was able to attain before he to be allegedly blackballed indigenous the game.

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Jose’s very first cup that coffee come in 1985 where he hit a much more than respectable .305 with 5 home runs in 96 at-bats (with that tiny amount of ABs it was much more like a shoot of espresso!). However, just like the famed clash in between Ron Burgundy and also the rival news crew native channel 9, points escalated quickly.

In 1986 Jose acquired instant acknowledgment by hitting much more than 30 home runs and driving in end 100 operation in his first full season (numbers that were good enough to knife him Rookie the the Year). Over the following 5 seasons, Jose produced one of the biggest starts to a career the the video game has known. That totaled an ext than 30 home runs and 100 RBI in all but the injury-shortened 1990.

While the end of Jose’s career wasn’t together remarkable, he was still maybe to knife a clues on the 1999 AL All-Star Team and win a World series with the Yankees the following year. So now that you have a far better grip ~ above WHY you need to be interested in choose up a Jose Canseco rookie card, let’s relocate to the question of WHICH.

The Jose Canseco Rookie Card strength Pack

1986 Donruss (Find bargain on eBay)


Alright, let’s start off with the many collectible (and valuable) the the group. Looks are deceiving when it pertains to 1986 Donruss Jose Canseco rookie card. It features a ho-hum spring headshot that Canseco throughout one the the most boring Donruss backdrops. However, through a present selling price of about $500 (for a grade 10), this card is no one come underestimate.

1986 Donruss Rookies (Find bargain on eBay)


Coming native an off-shoot that the set we simply discussed, the 1986 Donruss Rookies version reflects Jose in activity with what shows up to the early stages of that renowned Canesco residence run trot. However an ext exciting the card appears on the surface, it’s nowhere near as an important as the one native the continuous Donruss set. So if you’re feather to gain by top top the cheap, this is your ideal bet.

1986 Topps Traded Tiffany (Find cheap on eBay)


An above deck with a boatload of above cards. Kinda provides you wonder why the 1986 Topps Traded Tiffany Jose Canseco rookie card isn’t as renowned or as an useful as the Donruss counterpart. The great news is, it won’t cost you together much. For this reason if you have actually a few hundred to throw around, consider picking increase a 10 grade among these.

1986 Fleer (Find cheap on eBay)


We end the list with a pair of cards native Fleer. Very first is the map from the regular collection which pairs Canseco through shady-looking fellow prospect Eric Plunk (we’re sure he’s a good guy but the face Erik’s presenting is no a great look). It’s not straightforward card to discover so if friend can gain past ole’ Plunk, you deserve to own a card that should hold its value.

1986 Fleer update (Find bargain on eBay)


The 2nd card indigenous Fleer is from the “Update” set. As soon as it comes to the style and border of this card, it’s very comparable to the continual version. However, there’s one substantial difference – Plunk is gone in the update version (probably much too the joy of the lady collectors the end there).

Neither the the Fleer cards will certainly break the bank, but the initial version is the much more valuable the the two. We can only assume this has everything to do with how rare that is and also nothing to carry out with Erik Plunk.

Overall cheap Rating: Room because that Growth

These cards aren’t even close in worth to the rookie cards of fellow Bash Bro note McGwire or fellow 1986 rookie Barry Bonds. However, that’s not always a poor thing. For starters, the won’t cost you an arm and also a foot to pick one up. Secondly, a sudden pop in the Jose Canseco rookie card industry can produce some amazing gains if you decide to acquisition at existing levels.

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Canseco helped blow the lid off the steroids scandal, had a point with Madonna, has 3 AL pennants, 2 World series championships, and a rarely 40/40 season. Villain or not, any type of player through a controversy/talent combo favor this will always be relevant. And the relevancy the the athlete is always a great thing to take into consideration when choose up a new card.