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best Card: 1990 Sammy Sosa Topps Tiffany RC

Slammin’ Sammy made his MLB debut on June 16, 1989, through the Texas Rangers. His first career home run came against none other than fellow PED user i get it Clemens.

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Sammy Sosa rookie card values were currently in the trash can but have been rising as that late… what is behind this rise?… three words… “Long gone Summer”.

We choose the 2 Sosa Tiffany rookie cards in specific (i.e. Bowman and Topps) come see huge gains.

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Best Baseball card Packs to BuySHOP EBAY SHOP STOCKX STEINER SPORTS Best Football card Boxes come BuySHOP EBAY SHOP STOCKX FANATICS (60% OFF)

Long unable to do Summer is an additional ESPN documentary following in the footsteps of “The last Dance” and also we all understand what MJ rookie cards did as soon as the critical Dance premiered.. Us suspect mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa rookie cards to perform the same.

On a side note, we really appreciated the MJ “Last Dance” doc and are really looking front to this “Long Gome Summer” as well… we simply hope the doc walk a far better job of walking in chronological order vs the “Last Dance” the was all over the place at times.

Top 3 Sammy Sosa Rookie Cards

We’ve all set a checklist because that his rookie cards, together with three popular choices and an investment outlook for the future.

1990 Sammy Sosa sheet Rookie card #220 (buy top top eBay)

Here is the most well-known Sosa rookie card through collectors and can typically be uncovered up ~ above eBay auctions.

The card mirrors Slamming Sammy laying under a bunt?! You can’t be major Clark!

Unfortunately yes the is the case. I guess Sammy was more of a speedster in his beforehand years so possibly it makes sense mirroring him bunting the ball and then we assume he transforms on the afterburners and legs the end an infield struggle ala, Willie Mays Hayes.

Card Info: Numbered #220 the reverse of the card reads “Sammy won the White Sox’ beginning rightfield task in spring training of 1990. Native the White Sox’ standpoint, he was the key player in the large trade v Texas July 29, 1989, that sent out longtime Chisox favorite Harold Baines come the Rangers. In 1988, Sammy led the Florida State league in triples and also was fifth in operation at harbor Charlotte. Sammy to be 16 year old once he signed through Texas in 1985.

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Our Take: This is a an excellent card come buy in order come take advantage of the upcoming Sammy Sosa card price rise (which is currently beginning).

1990 Sammy Sosa archer Tiffany or basic Rookie card #312 (buy on eBay)

ALL aboard THE MONEY TRAIN!!! us really favor typing that for some reason