Max B network Worth

What is Max B net worth? Max B network worth is approximated to be $20 thousand dollars. Max B is one American rapper that is best known for his solo Public Domain and also Million dollar Baby series of Mixtapes. Max B network worth raised a lot as result of his solo album Vigilante Season.

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Early Life:

Charly Wingate was born on may 21, 1978, in Harlem, new York City, US. He is much better known by his stage name Max B. His mother, Sharon Wingate spent a year and also a fifty percent in prison because of her crack addiction. In 1996, Charly’s 16-year-old brother, Eric was killed in Baltimore. Charly was elevated by his grandparents. He supplied to song in the guys Choir of Harlem. Native 1997 come 2005, he was in prison because of robbery charges versus him. As soon as he to be released, he began his job by stepping into his very first recording studio.


After his relax from jail, he began his music career by performing with The Diplomats. His childhood friend Cam’ron presented him to Jim Jones. Max B began working v Jim Jones, who developed a music band named as ByrdGang in 2006. This band included other members such together Stack Bundles, Mel Matrix and also Lady Jha Jha. In 2007, Max B left ByrdGang due to the fact that he was forced into a contract, follow to which that wasn’t paid well. In a live present performance wherein he was paid $300, Jim Jones was earning in the range of $10,000-15000.

In 2008, Max B signed the contract with another record Amalgam records and released his very first album Vigilante Season in 2011. Some renowned songs of the album encompass ‘Money make Me feel Better’, ‘Where perform I Go’ and ‘Lord is Tryna tell Ya Something’.

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Million Dollar baby (2006)Public Domain: Million Dollar infant Radio (2006)Public Domain: The Prequel (2007)Public Domain 2: increase of the silver Surfer (2007)Million Dollar baby 2 (2008)Million Dollar infant 2.5: Da Appetizer (2008)Public Domain 3: Domain pains (2008)Wavie Crockett (2008)Domain Diego (2008)Goon Music 1.5: The Doomship (2008) (with Dame Grease)Coke wave (2009) (with French Montana)Quarantine (2009)Public Domain 6: walking the Plank (2009)Million Dollar infant 3 (2009)Coke tide 2 (2009) (with French Montana)Dopeman: public Domain 6.5 (2010)(with Mak Mustard)A Wave called Yes (2010) (with Young Riot)Toothy Wavy (2012) (with Isaiah Toothtaker)Wave gods (2016) (with French Montana)


According come reports, in 2006, Max B sent his ex-girlfriend and also his step brother to rob two males in a holiday Inn. Castle ambushed the first person while wait for the other. As soon as the other human arrived, castle shot the in his head. One main later, Max B, his ex-girlfriend and also step brother were caught and charged.