We’ve every heard the old adage that diamonds space made of a lump of coal, yet we might not really understand if the saying is in reality true. Diamonds are formed in the earth, through a procedure that scientists, also today, don’t totally understand. This process is very similar to the process that creates coal, i beg your pardon is why world often think the two substances are virtually the same. However, there space some crucial differences between the two.

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Table of Contents1 Diamonds and also Coal are created From Carbon2 Diamonds Require much more Heat and also Pressure3 charcoal is formed Mostly From tree Material4 So, Diamonds space Not do of Coal, after All

Diamonds and Coal are developed From Carbon

Carbon dioxide located about 100 miles beneath the surface ar of the planet is the source of diamonds. Charcoal is additionally formed native carbon, however is developed much closer to the earth’s surface, about two miles down. When coal is mined, miners go right to the source where the charcoal is formed. Diamonds, top top the various other hand, are carried close enough to the surface to be mined by volcanic eruptions.
In addition, the carbon that forms diamonds is lot purer 보다 that which develops coal. This is what create a diamond’s clarity. Carbon the turns into coal usually has other substances favor hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, selenium and sulfur. This impurities in charcoal are additionally why burning charcoal creates environmental troubles like greenhouse gases. Part diamonds have minor impurities, as well, yet these are much fewer than that in coal. Slight traces that nitrogen, because that example, are what produce the yellow diamond.

Diamonds Require an ext Heat and Pressure

Coal is created from heat and pressure, just like diamonds. However, diamonds need much higher temperatures and also far an ext direct pressure to form, i m sorry is a major reason why the end an outcome is so different. This extreme heat and pressure can only be found far into the earth. Due to the fact that coal is developed near the surface, the heat and pressure are much less severe.Diamonds need temperatures of around 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, and also pressure of around 725,000 pounds every square inch. That is this extreme heat and also pressure, complied with by cooling, which offers diamonds hardness not discovered in coal or any other substance. The cooling takes ar when the diamonds are required to the surface by the volcanic eruption.

Coal is developed Mostly From tree Material

Like diamonds, charcoal was developed billions of years ago. However, unlike diamonds, coal’s carbon comes from many different substances, most notably, native decomposed plants. This is why the carbon that creates coal is not as pure together that which creates diamonds.

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So, Diamonds space Not made of Coal, after All

Though there are definitely similarities, we deserve to say conclusively the diamonds are not make of coal. Both substances, and processes are unique and also are exceptional in their very own right. Both are somewhat mysterious, also to researchers who have studied this extensively. So, prevent trying, because you’ll never turn your lump of coal into a diamond!Diamonds, even before being cut and also polished bear no same to coal, even though the two have actually very comparable origins. Color and also hardness are two apparent differences, but there space others, as well.Learn more:How Diamond Rings room Made?What Diamonds are Made Of?Are Diamonds Organic?