So, favor the location says, our Canton is hosting a spaghetti dinner for 30. Plenty of of the attendees are very large eaters. 1 lb of pasta claims 8 servings, however realistically, just how much pasta execute ya'll think we should prepare? It has to be ready off site, so it's not prefer we can just make more if needed.

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There will additionally be salad and also french bread. We assumed 6 lump of bread need to be enough. Perform ya'll agree?

Thank you really much because that any and all help!


I would stick v 6oz cooked pasta every guest, 8oz sauce, and around a 6" portion of bread every guest. For catering I always did 1.3-1.5x the quantity of food based on that formula. Which provides you around 13-15# cooked pasta, 2-2.5Gal sauce, and about 15ft of baguette i beg your pardon is probably about 6 baguettes. Through my an individual experience, salad at any type of event is generally untouched no matter how awesome that is. One large bowl(something that will certainly fit a basketball snuggly) the salad will be more than enough.

Event went an extremely well! much more than 30 verified up, however we had enough to feeding them all.

Thanks for your numbers! us went through around 14 lbs that pasta and around 2.75 gal that sauce. Ns made 17 lbs of pasta and around 3.5 gallons the sauce. Human being were thrilled there to be extra and took home most the it.

The best component (for me) was as soon as the tourists demanded to carry out all the cleanup and even pack my car. Overall, it to be an great night!

You can additionally make her life simpler by cooking all the pasta front of time. Just make sure it's al dente, oiled, and spread out on a large sheet pan in a cool place so that doesn't overcook itself. Drop that in some boiling water, or sauce it and also throw that in the oven, come reheat.

Thanks for this! most likely the easiest way to chef all the pasta. We'll certainly be make a lot.

This cleared up great. Cook the pasta to al dente, easily cooled, oiled and kept cold. Once we sauced it, we made sure the sauce to be boiling hot and also it heated through an extremely well.

Thank you!

I'd imply to have actually a selection of various sauces: Bolognese, Tomato, Spinach&Cheese, Carbonara, Tonno. Having actually a lot of of an option will make this event a feast, and everybody will find something lock like. LTP: label the sauces, e.g. Through laminated signs.

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