Medically reviewed by Debra Sullivan, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., CNE, COI — created by Adrienne Santos-Longhurst on may 19, 2021

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A happy hour with new co-workers (and your boss), Mother’s day brunch, your nephew’s third birthday party: these are just a few places wherein you might want to have actually a drink (or three) without slurring her words or telling the same story because that the 20th time.

Luckily for you, that totally possible to imbibe without gaining drunk.

To drink and also not acquire drunk, you need to aim to keep your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) listed below .06 percent.

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A BAC of 0.06 percent is the sweet spot — likewise referred to as the green zone — because you’re may be to reap the results that do social drink a great time without the an unfavorable effects that drinking too much.

It’s additionally under the legal border in the joined States, i m sorry is 0.08 percent in case you’re worried around driving (more on the later).

Staying under .06 percent have the right to make you feel relaxed and an ext sociable. Relying on your tolerance, friend may also feel buzzed and also your judgment might be contempt impaired, however you i will not ~ be stumbling or slurring her words.

You’ll likewise be able to get better sleep and also avoid a killer hangover the following morning so friend can gain on v your day.

A BAC calculator can assist you number out how much you have the right to drink to stay in the region so friend can collection a drink limit.

Eat miscellaneous first

Seriously, girlfriend gotta eat. Drinking on an empty stomach is the last point you desire to carry out if she trying no to acquire drunk. Food in the stomach helps slow alcohol absorption, which can keep your BAC down.

Have a enjoy the meal or at the very least a hearty snack prior to heading the end to an occasion or night out, and continue come nosh if drinking.

Some foodstuffs are much better than others before drinking because, together with slowing alcohol absorption, castle can also reduce your risk of booze-induced ship issues, favor heartburn and also nausea, and aid prevent a hangover.

Sip, nothing chug

The body frequently takes an hour to process one conventional drink. If girlfriend drink fast or chug her bevs, her body doesn’t have the time it demands to carry out this, leading to a buildup that alcohol in her bloodstream and also a greater BAC.

Sipping her drinks progressively so the you’re no exceeding much more than one drink every hour is the best means not to obtain drunk.

To assist pace yourself, don’t order another drink or let who refill your glass till it’s empty. Having actually ice in your glass will additionally slow you under (and water down the booze a tad).

Alternate in between alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks

If you going come drink, alternative between alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks is a an excellent way to limit her intake and keep friend from gaining sloshed.

Water is always a great way come go, however if you prefer something much more festive, you’ve got alternatives in the means of booze choices that’ll make alternating a pleasure.

Mocktails are good if you’re more a tiny-umbrella-in-your-drink kind of person, but there’s more to booze options than virgin coladas.

Nonalcoholic beer has come a long way. Over there are even nonalcoholic spirits and bitters precious subbing in if you prefer the taste the the more difficult stuff.

If wine is an ext your jam, wine alcohol-removed options will let you gain your night v rosé-colored glasses instead of beer goggles.

Change her glass shape

It sounds choose hooey, however there’s some evidence that the form of your glass might influence exactly how much friend drink.

In one study, participants to be 60 percent slow at drinking alcoholic drinks out that a right glass 보다 a bent one. Granted, the research was small, no performed IRL, and also beer to be the just alcoholic beverage included. Still, it may be precious a shot if you often tend to knock earlier cold persons fast and also would quite not.

That said, glass shape may make a difference when it concerns mixed drinks, too, follow to one older examine from 2005.

According to that study, people (professional bartenders included) unknowingly to water 20 come 30 percent more alcohol right into short, vast glasses 보다 tall, slender ones.

If you’re the end for drinks and trying not to obtain drunk, it may be worth questioning for your drink in a tall, narrow glass if possible.

When mix your very own drinks, utilizing a tall, slim glass or one through the alcohol level pre-marked may help keep girlfriend from by chance underestimating her pour.

Say no to shots

We acquire the allure of law shots, yet they’re hands down the fastest method to finish up capital-D drunk.

That’s due to the fact that shots room up over there in alcohol concentration, with most distilled spirits containing 40 percent alcohol. Plus, friend knock ’em earlier super quick, which can raise your BAC real fast.

Seriously, if you’re trying no to acquire drunk, to speak no to shots.

Remember, friend don’t should ~feel~ drunk come be as well drunk come drive

Even if you keep your alcohol limit below the legal limit, that doesn’t median you’re fit to drive. You can still it is in impaired even without feeling drunk. Yes, even if you save your BAC listed below the .06 percent sweet spot we spanned earlier.

Judgment handicap actually starts well listed below that, at a BAC of approximately .02 percent — i beg your pardon is also well below the legal limit for driving.

The affect alcohol has actually on a person, indigenous how rapid it kicks in and wears off to how severe the effects are, deserve to vary significantly due to components including:

sex assigned in ~ birthbody size and also compositionageoverall healthgeneticswhether you’ve eatenhow hydrated friend arewhether she taking details medications or mixing alcohol with other substances

Even if you have no intention of gaining drunk, do arrangements because that a ride residence is a an excellent idea if you’re going to be drinking. One more option is to arrange a location to remain until she sober and it’s safe to journey again.

The bottom line

You can obtain your drink on and also not acquire drunk by maintaining tabs on how much alcohol is in her drinks and also pacing yourself accordingly.

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If you have actually trouble regulating your alcohol intake and also find that drinking frequently leads to getting drunk and also want help, you have actually a couple of options:

Talk v your primary care doctor.

last medically reviewed on might 19, 2021


Medically the evaluation by Debra Sullivan, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., CNE, COI — created by Adrienne Santos-Longhurst on might 19, 2021

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